Why do I need a home warranty?

Howard Hanna and HSA Home Warranty know that the purchase of a home is one of the biggest decisions most people will ever make and that it’s important to protect that investment with a home warranty. This is why 12 lucky winners register to win at any open house the weekend of June 11th and 12th, will be selected by random drawing to win HSA Buyer Home Warranties through Howard Hanna Insurance Services. Watch for the winners to be announced during the week of June 14, and learn more about the contest at www.howardhanna.com/HSAWeek.

Anyone with a home warranty, including the winners, has the guarantee that should their home need a repair, their provider will take care of the hassle of finding the right contractor. Regardless of whether it’s a dishwasher leaking on a Sunday night, or broken air conditioning on a hot day, the home warranty will cover it. Through a wide network of service providers, providers like HSA Home Warranty can get the problem addressed quickly.

As a residential real estate leader and the fourth largest real estate company nationally, Howard Hanna connects you with providers like HSA to deliver both home buyers and sellers with the value and security that they demand from a home warranty. For more than 30 years, HSA Home Warranty has been providing comprehensive warranty plans and high-quality customer service.

For home buyers, a home warranty protects from the high cost of unexpected failures by repairing or replacing covered items that break down due to normal wear and tear. Where homeowner’s insurance doesn’t apply, the home warranty fills in the coverage gaps. It helps to secure the best protection for both the home and budget.

For the home seller, a home warranty provides protection during the listing period. This helps eliminate many out-of-pocket expenses that sellers can sometimes experience, helping cover the unexpected. This coverage of your home while it’s on the market allows you to concentrate on selling the home instead of worrying about repairs. It is a powerful marketing tool that helps you set your home apart, and if anything unforeseen happens after the closing, the buyer will turn to the home warranty company instead of you for help.

The winners of the HSA Home Warranty will enjoy peace of mind, reliable service, and protection of your home for years to come with the HSA Service Guarantee, which protects Howard Hanna buyers and sellers. Using your HSA home warranty for just one service in a year could save hundreds of dollars in repair and replacement costs.

Learn more about an HSA Home Warranty by visiting http://www.onlinehsa.com/ and learn the details of the exciting Howard Hanna contest by visiting www.howardhanna.com/HSAWeek.

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  1. I think a home warranty is very essential for home buyer as well as home sellers also. A home warranty can protect your major appliances like air conditioning, plumbing, heating systems and dishwashers. Contract costs and coverage varies so always compare before purchasing your contract.

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