Agents of Howard Hanna Chagrin Falls Office Spearhead “First Responders Appreciation Day”

CHAGRIN FALLS, Ohio — First Responders Appreciation Day is about to become a reality in Ohio.

For the past three years, a local couple has spearheaded the drive to make the day officially recognized throughout the state.

The day honors police and firefighters/EMS personnel for the work they do on behalf of the public.

Their goal was recently reached when State Sen. Matt Dolan, R-24, of Chagrin Falls, and State Rep. Bill Patmon, D-10, of Cleveland, took lead roles in pursuing its passage. On May 3, Gov. John Kasich signed House Bill 44, which makes May 24 of each year “First Responders Appreciation Day” in Ohio.

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One thought on “Agents of Howard Hanna Chagrin Falls Office Spearhead “First Responders Appreciation Day”

  1. MSD on

    I have to say honestly… It was February 17, at 1:00am – I woke up and smelled what seemed to be burnt toast… I said to my husband, “honey – somebody got home late from work in the building” (where we previously lived). I then smelled it stronger and “instinctively” felt I had to go look (must have been an angel tapping on my shoulder). So… I walked down the hallway – opened the door and sure enough OUR DOOR was on fire – let alone the common hallway. (Face to Face) the fire was alive and moving like it had it’s own life (felt like a movie only it was seriously, REAL. My husband came out to the hallway and said, “what are you just standing there for, honey”. Primal Fear stopped me in my tracks – literally did – he looked and saw the fire and bumped me into reality. He said, “call 911” to which I did. I looked around at all of our items and this rushing feeling of loss overwhelmed me for we had collected antiques for over 10 years at that point. I only took my car keys, wallet and my cat – ran down the hallway (doing everything wrong) nothing covered on my face through flames) while knocking on neighbors doors yelling at the top of (our) lungs, as he went the opposite direction to help neighbors knocking on their doors. Within literally minutes – the Firefighters were there and when I say firefighters, 3 stations showed up. I WILL NEVER forget how they “ramped” into action so fast it was amazing. The look of COURAGE and nothing but COURAGE was on their faces, as I was heading down the stairs in total blackness from ash and soot. Channel 11 news showed up and police… but the most unbelievable part was on route to our car to put the cat, purse and keys in… I passed out by the drivers side of the car – seeing only “yellow boots” heading towards me. This firefighter saw me go down between our car and another – picked me up and the next thing I remember was my husband next to me on an ambulance with an air mask on my face. “It happened that quick”… I can tell you this… within 24 hours… I was in the “REDZONE”, as I never knew what soot does to your body… after 2 days I was able to breath correctly. Had that firefighter NOT seen me go down… I may not have see another sunrise. It turned out to be arson and the arsonist was caught. I GIVE major Props to First Responders for having the COURAGE to actually face VERY VERY instantaneous high dangerous situations, every single nano-second they do! APPLAUSE! and THANK YOU! MAJOR PROPS to Chagrin Falls Howard Hanna Office! THANK YOU for what you do too! 🙂

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