The Pittsburgh Business Times Interviews Hoby Hanna and Tom Ceponis

Hoby Hanna knows well the biggest thing holding back the housing industry in western Pennsylvania and everywhere else: a lack of product.

As the housing industry continues to play catch up with the lack of inventory caused by the Great Recession, Hanna sees signs of that changing both in the Pittsburgh region and across the growing footprint of Howard Hanna Real Estate Services.

“I do believe that we’re going to see a lot more new construction in the second half of 2018,” said Hanna, president of Howard Hanna, the region’s largest residential real estate firm.

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One thought on “The Pittsburgh Business Times Interviews Hoby Hanna and Tom Ceponis

  1. New Construction is what we need, truly. I completely agree. When I was a child I saw the “Jetsons” and to me that was new construction development in itself. Sounds strange but it is from creativity that Centuries of influence in architecture starts there. New Construction of more Community based, everything you need within your housing community structure, could be the future of it all. With the ability to have sound proof construction that is green friendly, more private structures coupled with advanced virtual health, and home shopping of grocery development through Amazon and others…is the coming wave. New Construction of home pods, condos and multi-room for family construction might slim down the healthcare problem, as well. Imagine a home pod structure that is all wifi virtual living… Food, health, banking and utility/bill payment… Kiosk in the community asks for you home pod unit, your ID info via facial recognition (confidential) and it recognizes all your needs, your food structure (likes and extras) delivered to your pod, privately security to your pod home, instantly – even crime would cease. As well as, self driving cars that take you to work and brings you home safely. You even get into your home pod with virtual face recognition – no more lost keys. The future is like the Jetsons, only with auto everything you need. New Construction in a new way… Imagine that. “Be in front or Be behind… but at least B creative…. I say”. Thank you just a thought 🙂

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