10 Reasons to Rekey Your Home

10 Reasons to Rekey Your Home

Whether you’re a new homeowner or have lived in your house for a while, your keys represent ownership of the property as well as security for your loved ones and your possessions. Being handed the keys to a new home is a big moment that signals the completion of your real estate transaction. Putting those keys into the lock and turning the knob for the first time as the owner is a great feeling. Or, at least, it should be.

For many new and current homeowners, however, keys may be a source of unease, either because of valid reasons to rekey their home or questions about whether they should.

You might consider rekeying your home if:

    1. You’ve just purchased your home or are a current homeowner and aren’t sure how many key copies may be floating around (or who has them)
    2. You’ve lost track of how many key copies have been made and who’s in possession of them
    3. You’ve been the victim of a crime and had personal belongings taken, such as keys, your identification, your purse, or your wallet
    4. You’ve misplaced or lost your keys, wallet, purse, or backpack
    5. You’ve had a relationship status change
    6. A family member or friend has lost their copy of your key
    7. You’ve changed roommates or home service providers (such as a housekeeper, babysitter, dog walker, etc.) who had a copy of your key or access to your keys
    8. You need or want to have identical keys that work for multiple keyholes
    9. You want to make sure that your home does not have a universal lock or keyhole that can be opened with a master key
    10. You’d like for a contractor to examine the lock cylinder for damage or wear during the rekey process

HSA Home Warranty Buyer Plans Hold the Key

If you’ve considered rekeying your home, you’ll be glad to know that rekey coverage is already included in all HSA Home Warranty buyer plans. That makes the decision to rekey easy, and saves you time and hassle in locating a qualified provider to make the change. Taking advantage of rekey coverage is simple. In fact, it’s just like making any other covered HSA Home Warranty claim.

Here’s how to make a rekey service request:

  • Make a service request online or call 800-367-1448
  • An HSA contractor will rekey up to six (6) keyholes with four (4) identical keys
  • Pay the same service fee associated with your HSA Home Warranty Plan

At Howard Hanna, helping buyers feel at home from the minute they walk in the door is one of the keys to our service excellence, which is why we offer HSA Home Warranties. A Home Warranty is a renewable, one-year service contract that can help to protect your budget against the high cost of unexpected covered repairs or replacements of major components of your home’s systems and appliances. Learn more about an HSA Home Warranty by visiting www.HowardHanna.com/HSA-Home-Warranty.

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