14 Signs You Should Consider Becoming a Real Estate Agent

According to Indeed.com, working in real estate sales is one of the best careers to have in 2019. While some people need the stability of a ‘nine-to-five’ career, others are less concerned about a weekly paycheck and more concerned about loving what they do. A career in real estate offers limitless opportunities, benefits, and different tasks and responsibilities that a traditional nine-to-five job does not.

If you have ever considered becoming a REALTOR®, ask yourself the following questions and see if you have what it takes to begin your career in real estate:

  • Am I willing to help others achieve their dreams?

Buying and selling a home is one of the biggest milestones in life. Are you a service-oriented person? Do you enjoy making a difference in someone’s life?

  • Am I goal-oriented?

Are you a self-motivated, determined, proactive individual? Nicole Mountain, Director of Recruiting at Howard Hanna Real Estate Services, says she looks for people who are “natural born hustlers.” These people strive to exceed their own goals.

  • Am I trustworthy?

Are you an honest person? The home buying and selling process can be a stressful time for individuals. It is important that your clients can trust you with one of the biggest purchases of their lives.

  • Do I enjoy a fast-paced life?

Are you a person who just can’t sit still at a desk? Do you enjoy variety in life? Does it excite you when every day is new and different?

  • Am I competitive?

Are you profit-driven, incentive-motivated, and competitive by nature? Howard Hanna Real Estate Services offers our agents many sales incentives, such as exotic trips to faraway destinations, insurance programs, and much more. For more information on agent incentives, visit our Careers site.

  • Am I comfortable taking risks?

Do you have what it takes to keep going without being certain of the final outcome? Laura Ross, Director of Recruiting for the Southeast Region,  says she looks for “enough confidence to jump before you know it all and enough humility to know that you don’t.”

  • Am I quick to respond?

Are you the first person to jump when the phone rings? Does leaving emails unanswered for days at a time drive you crazy? Having a sense of urgency with your clients makes them feel important, top of mind, and comfortable.

  • Do I have the desire to continue learning?

Can I commit to my personal career development and attend new agent training? Education can be a quick process, but the world of real estate is always changing, so it’s important to stay current and up-to-date.

  • Am I approachable?

Are you a charmer? Outgoing? A crowd pleaser? An extrovert? A people lover? These types of personalities tend to excel as real estate agents.

  • How flexible am I?

Am I good at dealing with dynamic personality types? Can I work irregular hours? It is important in the real estate industry to be adaptable to change and flexible with your schedule to accommodate your clients’ needs.

  • Am I client-focused?

Am I a good listener? A good negotiator? Do I have the best interests of my clients in mind? The most successful real estate agents go above and beyond to meet their clients’ needs.

  • Will I feel financially stable?

Does commission-only income fit my lifestyle? It’s important to be comfortable, financially, until your business grows to meet your expectations.

  • Do I want to be my own boss?

Do you like the thought of being an entrepreneur? Does independent contractor status fit your lifestyle? If you like managing your own schedule and have a desire to work full-time, a career in real estate may be perfect for you!

  • Do I have a good sphere of influence?

Do you enjoy networking and building relationships? If you can picture yourself generating leads from these relationships, you should consider a real estate career with Howard Hanna Real Estate Services.

Taking an introspective moment to think about whether or not a career in real estate is right for you can be well worth your time. That’s why we’ve made it even easier to learn if you should be a real estate agent! We’ve created a fun 20-minute assessment that helps you find out if a career in real estate could be in your future. Click here to take the real estate assessment.

At Howard Hanna, we’re dedicated to fostering the success of each individual agent. We offer some of the real estate industry’s most advanced tools and technologies specifically to benefit our real estate agents and their clients. The power of the Howard Hanna brand lets you instantly tap into more potential clients (and more business!). If you want to be the best real estate agent you can, then we invite you to make Howard Hanna your new home!


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