3 Tips for Moving From an Apartment into a House

Many people make the choice to rent an apartment or house while they save up to make a down payment to buy a home. If you’ve been living in an apartment for a while, moving into a larger house can be a big change!

Purchasing a house can also mean additional responsibilities, and being ready for them can make your transition an easy one. Keep these tips in mind when you’re moving from an apartment into your first home:

new house porch railing

Stay Safe

When you live in an apartment, there are certain things that landlords are often legally required to handle with regards to your safety. For example, they make sure that all the fire detectors are in good working order and are up to date.

When you buy a home, that task falls to you! Here are a few safety concerns that will now be your responsibility:

  • Ensuring that the fire detectors work
  • Replacing the batteries in fire detectors
  • Make sure you have other appropriate monitors, like carbon monoxide detectors, placed in your home
  • Purchasing and maintaining fire extinguishers
  • Checking that all stairs and railings are in good working order
  • Making sure that emergency lights, if you have any, work appropriately

You’ll need to do periodic checks of any safety elements in your home, and replenish or maintain items that require it.

tools for first house

Tool Time

The cute “my first tool set” your parents bought you when you moved into your first apartment isn’t going to cut it anymore! At a bare minimum, you’ll want a decent measuring tape, screw driver, and hammer – and somewhere to keep them.

Owning a home means occasionally tackling tasks yourself that you’d have left to your landlord previously. Even if you plan to outsource most of your home maintenance tasks, having the basics on hand never hurts! Consider purchasing gloves and a strong flashlight so you can diagnose which type of home maintenance professional to call.

If you have a lawn or yard, you’ll also want appropriate tools for the situation. Some basics include:

  • A lawnmower, if necessary
  • Gloves
  • A spade or small shovel
  • Hedge clippers or trimmers

While you don’t necessarily have to be the world’s best gardener now that you’ve moved, you will at least be responsible for keeping your home’s exterior landscaping in good shape. And if you hate mowing lawns, be prepared to hire a landscaper!

decorating a new home

Decor Demands

Moving from an apartment into a house gives you a lot more freedom to decorate as you choose, typically. You can paint walls, hang art, and change almost any element you don’t like. It’s easy to blow your budget on decorating your new home. Before you buy out the entire stock of HomeGoods, read on:

Think Before You Buy

Although your new home may be larger, it can be beneficial to wait before you make major furniture purchases. Living with some empty space in your home can help you decide which furniture or decorative items you really want, as opposed to things you’re buying simply because there’s empty wall space.

Color Your World

The one exception to waiting is, of course, painting! It’s much easier to paint an empty room than one that’s lived in, with furniture to cover or move and art all over the walls. If possible, try to paint before you move in.

Practical Decor

While decorating a home can be fun, it’s also practical! Here’s a short checklist of practical decor for moving into your first house:

  • Curtains and other window coverings – maintain your privacy while showcasing your style
  • Updated towels and bathroom items – a stylish bathroom set or some bright-colored towels can make your space look more inviting while you wait to decorate
  • New throw pillows – instead of splurging on entirely new furniture, use cute pillows to change up your look
  • Large art pieces – to cover up all those bare walls
  • Lamps and other lighting – depending on what you buy, this can be an easy way to spruce up a room without spending too much

Moving from an apartment into your first house is such an exciting time! By doing a little preparation (and making some smart purchases), you can make your experience an easy one.

Are you ready to make the move? Learn more about our My First Home program, or find a Howard Hanna agent near you to get started!

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