5 Exclusive Real Estate Marketing Technologies That Help Howard Hanna Agents Succeed

When it comes to building a career in real estate, the support you have matters! Your mentors, your network, and your company all help sustain you as you build your clientele.

Shouldn’t your marketing technologies offer you that same level of assistance? That’s why Howard Hanna provides its agents with the best in real estate marketing tools and technology – to make sure that our real estate agents are able to do what they do best, with all the support they need.

Here are a few of the marketing differentiators we offer to our real estate agents:


Our top-ten-ranked real estate website receives over 1.8 million visitors each month. Your Howard Hanna listings can be found through our website’s search feature – highlighted with your contact information that routes your leads directly to you.

We also offer our agents two different ways to use our website to further their real estate goals:

  • Howard Hanna profile The agent profile is linked throughout HowardHanna.com, including on your listings, making it a great place to showcase your expertise!
  • Howard Hanna websiteEach Howard Hanna real estate agent receives a customizable website that you can update with your specific differentiators. Customers can search all the same listings that they can search on HowardHanna.com, but when a customer searches from your agent website – whether or not they’re your listings – you get the leads!

Engage CRM

Available in most Howard Hanna market areas, Engage CRM is a cloud-based tool for managing real estate customer relationships. It helps agents to maintain and nurture relationships with their leads and clients.

Agents can create customized workflows to help them stay in touch with their leads. For example, if you prefer to call your leads once a week, you can set up your CRM to give you automatic reminders! Does text or email work better for you? Try that instead!

engage crm at howard hanna



This collaborative search platform helps buyers find the home of their dreams, using natural language and keeping you in the loop as their needs and preferences shift.

Throughout the home search process, it’s important to stay in touch with your buyers about new homes on the market that meet their preferences – or existing homes they haven’t seen yet. RealScout collects customer reactions to property styles and home features to build a profile of their preferences.

Then, RealScout leverages predictive technologies and machine-learning algorithms to highlight properties that might interest them.

You get email alerts throughout the process that summarize your client’s preferences and interests – helping you show them exactly the types of homes they’re looking for.

Plus, RealScout lets you match homebuyers to listings you may have – creating a self-serving database of potential leads.


The old paper sign-in sheet at open houses is dead. In its place, Open2Close is a sophisticated and easy-to-use open house management tool.

Open2Close gives your open house guests a great first impression. It incorporates the Howard Hanna brand as well as your personal branding.

For you, Open2Close offers many benefits. It helps you capture your leads efficiently and avoid handwriting errors. It’s also more private than a sheet of paper on a clipboard. Additionally, Open2Close verifies contact information in real time and provides you with powerful social profiling for instantaneous customer insights.

Open2Close is integrated with many other Howard Hanna marketing technologies, helping you seamlessly manage your leads.

Testimonial Tree

Collecting, managing, and displaying reviews is more critical today than ever. Today’s digital world means that your clients are just a click away from knowing quite a bit about you and your history with former customers.

Good reviews can be your best sales tool. Testimonial Tree, which powers Howard Hanna’s Quality Service & Reviews, gives you a way to showcase your positive, happy clients.

This tool helps you collect reviews by automatically emailing surveys to your buyers and sellers after their closing. When they leave positive reviews, they are placed prominently on your Howard Hanna profile page, agent website, and even your Realtor.com profile. You receive an email with every review – even the not-so-great ones – so you can address them.

You can even share your reviews with social media, including Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. This helps you make the most of your positive testimonials.

Harness the Power of These Real Estate Marketing Tools

If you’re a Howard Hanna real estate agent (or just wish you were one!), it’s important to know how to use marketing technology to make the most of your real estate career. When it comes to the real estate industry, you need the latest technology to give you an edge.

Interested in Joining the Howard Hanna Team?

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