Creating the Perfect Summer Porch

Porches are wonderful spaces to relax and unwind, all the while enjoying the natural beauty of the outdoors. Here are some quick tips and tricks for creating the perfect porch!

Pick a Theme

Selecting a theme for your space will help when choosing furniture and other pieces in the future. Your porch can be an extension of your home’s interior decoration or a completely different theme on its own. Consider using your home’s exterior to select the theme to help keep a sense of flow.


Even if your porch has plenty of natural light, adding lighting can turn your space into a great nighttime spot. Light citronella candles or torches for a romantic feel while also helping to keep away the bugs. Overhead fixtures offer more light for those who wish to read or simply enjoy brighter spaces. A fireplace can provide both light and heat on chilly summer nights.


Every great porch has one thing: furniture! Start by adding ample seating to your porch, be it a swing, benches, outdoor couches, or simple chairs. Next, bring in tables for people to set drinks, food, reading materials, etc. A rug can provide relief from cold floors and add decoration. Make sure anything you bring onto the porch can withstand the outdoors!

Accessories and Decorations

Add final touches with accessories and decorations. Install outdoor speakers to listen to music and provide ambiance. Bring nature onto your porch with potted or hanging plants. Throw pillows and a basket of blankets allow for porch dwellers to cozy up. Art pieces and sculptures placed on tables, benches, and walls can further establish the theme and fill space that furniture can’t.

Your porch has great potential to become a private outdoor oasis perfect for a moment of relaxation. Looking for a new home with a porch? Search to find a home with the perfect porch for you!

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