Guidelines for Winter Roof Maintenance

Winter weather can be tough on roofing and cause everything from missing shingles to leaks and water damage. Roof upkeep is a year-round job, but taking a bit of extra time in the winter can save you time and money in the future.

Protect your roof from costly repair this winter with these tips from Howard Hanna!

Trim low-hanging tree branches around your home. Branches that are too close to your roofing can scrape the roof or break off and damage shingles when winds are high. While trimming the branches, be sure to inspect the roof and gutters for deterioration or damage. Also check downspouts to ensure they’re not clogged with leaves, ice, snow or debris.

Then, ventilate and insulate your attic. Hot air rises and will mix with cold air in the attic space, and with no insulation or ventilation, condensation can form. Even worse, melting snow can become dangerous if heat is escaping to your roof, creating ice dams or causing leaks underneath roof shingles.

Insulation can be installed in a few easy steps, cut the insulation to fit the space properly using care not to compress it. Then, push the insulation into the cavity so that it fills the space, including corners. You can staple or just let friction hold the insulation in place.

As winter progresses, pay close attention to any signs of ice dams or icicles forming. Pay extra attention after it’s been very cold or after a windstorm. Be sure to remove any excess snow buildup on the roof with a rake. There are ice rakes that are designed specifically for this purpose; don’t us a shovel as that can damage the roof, the very thing you’re trying to avoid!

If you do happen to run into any problems with your roof this winter, don’t wait to have your repairs done. As long as your roof is dry, repairs to shingles, flashing and the chimney are all possible during the cold and dry winter months.

Even if you aren’t looking to sell your home until the spring or summer, it’s a good idea to get a roof inspection both before and after winter.

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