How to Choose a Good Contractor

FAQ – How do I choose a good contractor?

Despite this being a “seller’s market” at the moment, not all sellers are popping bottles of Dom and basking in that joy.  No, not because their house hasn’t sold. In fact, it did sell… within 24 hours… for well-above list price!

No, this particular subset of sellers finds themselves upset upon hearing the results of their buyer’s engineer’s inspection. Suddenly, they realize that the work that their contractor had recommended be done to their furnace is insufficient. Or, unbeknownst to them, their 2-year old roof is leaking water into the attic. Yes, there are certainly ways in which they can attempt to recoup the time and the money that they’ve lost due to this shoddy work. However, wouldn’t it be easier to avoid this by knowing how to choose a good, reliable contractor in the first place? Here are some helpful tips!

    1. First and foremost, always go with a referral whenever you can. Choose the plumber that did great work at your sister’s home or gave a competitive quote for your neighbor. Reputation in the contracting business is key.
    2. Research, research, research.If recommendations don’t work, do some serious Googling. Do they have a professional website? Do they have a high response rate on their Facebook page? Are there positive customer reviews?
    3. Interview.Avoid going with the first HVAC guy that you can find. Get a second opinion/quote if the issue seems a bit more serious or involved.
    4. Questions. Don’t just ask questions – ask the right questions. This may require you to brush up on your terminology a bit. For example, if you’re interviewing roofers, you may want to know what a flashing is (materials used to waterproof areas around projections). Or what fascia refers to (the longboard that runs along the lower edge of the roof). Trust me, knowledge is power, and this step could potentially save you serious money in the long-run!
    5. Payment. As a general rule, do not pay for a service in full until the work is completed, you’ve inspected it, and you’re satisfied!

Our Guest Blogger, Mark Siwiec, is an agent with over 28 years of experience. His team of thirteen are responsible for over $63M in annual residential real estate sales. For more information about their services visit

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