Show Your Hanna Pride! 💚 New Animated GIF Stickers

We’re offering Howard Hanna agents & customers a new way to express their Hanna pride with animated GIF stickers! These new technological tools add some oomph to your social media presence. Get excited!


Animated GIF Stickers😍

Make a splash on Facebook Stories, Instagram Stories, and Snapchat with Howard Hanna’s new stickers! Powered by Giphy, these GIF stickers add movement to your stories.

GIFs are small animations that can be found across the web and social media. Stickers are specialized GIFs with transparent backgrounds that you can add to photos and messages anywhere they are supported.

You can find our new stickers anywhere the Giphy engine powers GIF stickers, which currently includes Facebook Stories, Instagram Stories, Snapchat, and even the Giphy Keyboard app for iPhones. Explore all our GIF stickers by checking out our brand channel at

You can find Howard Hanna stickers using a variety of different terms:

  • Howard Hanna
  • hh sold
  • hh open

See below for directions on finding and using these stickers on different platforms.

Instagram & Facebook Stories

To access the stickers on Instagram or Facebook Stories, follow these steps:

  • In the Facebook or Instagram app, enter the “Stories” interface and take or upload a photo.
  • Select the stickers button as shown below. It looks like this:

  • Facebook only: Select “GIFs”.
  • In the search bar, type “Howard Hanna”, “hh sold”, or “hh open” to find our stickers.
  • Pick one to add to your story, and repeat these steps to add additional stickers!

Advanced Tip: You can download your Instagram Story by clicking the downward-pointing arrow button before you post it. Then, share the video on your Instagram feed, Facebook page, or anywhere that video can be posted online.

Voila! Now you can show your Hanna pride on social media, too! Go forth, and #GoGreen!

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