Financial Protection For The Unexpected

The Financial Protection YOU Need.

Homeowners insurance provides you with financial protection for the unexpected and helps safeguard your largest asset –  your home. If your home is damaged, your belongings are stolen or someone gets injured on your property, the homeowners insurance coverage can help cover repairs or replacement, temporary housing, medical bills, legal fees and more.

A homeowners policy is recommended for everyone who owns a home or condominium, and is required by mortgage lenders. Depending on the property and location, you may require additional policies or coverage to help protect your home and personal belongings against damage due to floods, earthquakes, windstorms or hail.

Most policies have 3 key elements: the premium, which is how much you pay for coverage; deductibles, which are how much you’re responsible for out-of-pocket in the event of a covered claim; and coverage limits, which are the most your insurer will pay for a covered claim.

There are four essential protections provided by your homeowner’s policy:

  • Coverage for the structure of your home, including detached structures on the property.
  • Coverage for your personal belongings such as furniture and clothing.
  • Liability protection, which covers you against lawsuits arising from bodily injury or property damage caused to others.
  • Additional living expenses, which will cover expenses such as hotel bills and meals in the event the insurance company deems your home unlivable as a result of a covered claim.

Homeowners insurance provides coverage and protection that we all hope to never need or have to use, but if the unexpected happens, it can help you restore your life back to normal and keep you financially stable.

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One thought on “Financial Protection For The Unexpected

  1. Not ONLY is Howard Hanna Home Insurance great BUT the Auto Insurance is, as well. We had a deer run out in front of our car on the highway…a week before Christmas, 2017 (deer lived)…but the damage was $4,500.00 and this is our first car, as a married couple that we invested in (as a goal). Immediately, calling the insurance company at 12:34am, they handled this with ease (we were traveling to another city when this took place) and had left right after work on a Friday night. Hanna Insurance were everything and more, as they completely handled everything, first and foremost …they asked us “are we both ok and did we need any medical help”. We were fine, the car was not. Being out of town it was drivable but secondly they asked, “do you need a vehicle and tow”…and finally saying to us, “don’t worry about a thing we are here for you.” When my husband took the insurance representative off the speaker and the call ended… he said…”Wow, you really work for a great company”… I said, “I know and smiled”. At that VERY moment, it set in stone that what is said about Hanna Insurance is EXACTLY what you get. PEACE OF MIND and everything taken care of, professionally with courteous people….SO THANK YOU for your One Stop Shopping, which includes INSURANCE, because, honestly it works! 🙂 PS: We purchased from Cabela Sports…Deer Whistlers, for the front of the car (inaudible for humans but keeps deer and animals away from your car with a sound wave when it hits 35 mph. – 1/4 mile in front of and beside your car, while driving.) When we build our home you can bet your sweet bippy we will have Hanna Home Insurance!

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