The Importance of Keeping an Updated Home Inventory

Here’s a resolution we think is worth keeping!

By purchasing insurance, you have bought financial protection against unforeseen losses. But when it comes to coverage for your personal possessions, you’ll need more than your memory to make certain you receive the full benefits due to you should you have a claim. If a fire struck your home today, could you list everything that was lost or damaged? For most of us, it would be difficult.  We are suggesting that you take the time to go online to complete a home inventory.  The software provided will help you to create a room-by-room inventory of your personal possessions.

Having an up-to-date home inventory will help you:

Purchase enough insurance to replace the things you own.
Get your insurance claims settled faster.
Substantiate losses for your income tax return.

Please note that this is for your personal use to help you keep an inventory of what you own. In the event of a claim, additional documentation and information will be required.  Read your insurance policy for details about what is required to substantiate a claim.

How do I get started?  To get started, please contact our agency so we may give you the access you need through your very own “client portal.” Once you have completed the inventory, you may save the file under “documents” in the client portal so that both you and the agency can access the most up-to-date version of your home inventory at any time.

In addition, through the client portal, you will have access to viewing/requesting:

Insurance Policy(ies) Summary
Auto ID Cards
Policy Changes

Howard Hanna Insurance Services wishes you health and happiness in the new year!

One thought on “The Importance of Keeping an Updated Home Inventory

  1. I love when Howard Hanna offers suggestions and ideas and it is also amazing that within the technology “realm” the company for whom I work for enables software programs “very user-friendly” to encourage and truly help the consumer. It shows a great tenacity for “caring and sharing”, period. The great thing about this “Inventory Program” is the fact that it leaves a sense of well-being and that things WILL be taken care of in the event of something happening. I, personally, take photos and have placed them in a fire box, as well. This way it actually shows the inventory, should something happen. You don’t have to take individual ones when you can literally scan what you have and/or panoramic your room, as a video virtual file and flash drive it this coupled with the “ON-LINE” portal that Hanna offers…and Voila… all completed with Peace of Mind. Hanna does it again 🙂 I can’t wait for the Hanna Self Driving Car… everybody might be able to do so much more not having to worry about driving. Imagine having a WEBINAR, while on the way to your destination, meeting, listing, sale and/or… just a wonderful dinner… I wonder how insurance will cover that… I BET they might come up with a “Hanna Map Program”. HANNAMAP IT!. Hmmmm…. that would be cool.

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