Tie Up Loose Ends with Wedding Insurance

Tie Up Loose Ends with Wedding Insurance

Getting married is a big step that you may be commemorating with a big celebration. As with other sizable investments, you can insure big events, such as your wedding. But, that’s not the only way insurance can play a role in your big day and the events that follow. Here are three tips for insuring your wedding, rings and more:

Big day, big investment – protect it. Prepare for those pesky “what ifs.” What if the caterer backs out? What if the bride’s dress gets lost in her checked baggage? What if your venue goes out of business? Event insurance typically covers unexpected issues with the site, weather, vendors, and illness or injury, so you aren’t stuck with the tab.

Say ‘I Do’ to covering your rings. Regardless of the monetary value of your engagement and wedding rings, it’s important to protect your investment — preferably right after you purchase them. We can help. Call us from the jewelry store if you like, and we’ll schedule your new bling on your renter’s insurance, condo insurance, or homeowners insurance.

Cover your bases by covering your gifts. You’ll want to include your gifts as part of your home inventory and personal property coverage. Some items, such as collectibles and china, may need scheduled coverage, just like your rings.

Whether your wedding is a small family affair or the biggest event of the year, you deserve to have a stress-free day. Let us at Howard Hanna Insurance Services help you select the insurance coverage you want for your wedding and everything that goes along with it. So, when the big day arrives, all you have to worry about is having a great time!

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