Weird Real Estate Facts That Will Have You Scratching Your Head

Real estate isn’t just a fun industry because we help people buy and sell their homes. It’s also fun because people are fun, and strange.

Don’t believe us? Read the weird real estate facts below:

  1. Before central heating existed, housewarming parties were not an excuse to try out a new dip recipe but instead an excuse to get firewood from the neighbors. Guests would bring wood and help to build fires in fireplaces as a gift. In addition to keeping the house cozy and warm, it was also believed to ward off evil spirits!
  1. During the first quarter of 2014, home equity was at $10.8 trillion, the highest it has been since 2007. This means that the average household’s net worth is solidly invested in home equity.
  1. When selling a home, you need the odds in your favor. Working with a real estate agent increases those odds.
  1. In Ohio, it’s illegal to catch a mouse in your own home without a hunting license.
  1. Stranger still, a cleaning ordinance in Pennsylvania specifically bans housewives from hiding dust or dirt under a rug!
  1. A red door means more than just curb appeal: in China, it’s a sign of good fortune and abundance. In Scotland, painting it red signifies that you’ve paid off your home. And in India, red doors are for newlyweds. As an extra added feature, red is also one of the most welcoming colors to paint a front door!
  1. Hands down, the best day to list a house is actually Sunday, says Zillow. And historically, listing a house on a Sunday in either the spring or the fall will get more buyers in the door.
  1. According to an unusual law in Michigan, married couples who aren’t living together are risking imprisonment.

Bonus: This one isn’t really a fact; it’s just a fun superstition. When moving into a new place, leave your old broom behind. Why? It’s got the literal (and figurative!) dirt from your old home on it. So, leave it in the previous house for some new and good luck in the new one.

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