Why You Should Use An Agent

Formatting updated on 1/24/2019.

I’m certain that, by now, you’ve heard about this year’s mystifying real estate market. More than likely, you’ve heard the painstaking groans and desperate cries of frustration from a friend or family member looking to purchase a home.

If you’re a buyer this year, I’m so sorry. The frustration associated with a tremendous lack of inventory and the unavoidable bidding war has, unfortunately, become an inevitability. But hang tight! Some of us agents have a few tricks up our sleeves…

As for sellers, if you’ve ever thought about listing your home, now is absolutely the time to do so. You’re probably well aware of the lack of inventory and the possibility of selling your home for top dollar in an incredibly short amount of time. So, you might be thinking why even bother with an agent?

Beyond the obvious, I can think of an endless list of reasons as to why you should employ the expertise of a real estate agent. For now, I’ll share a few of the ones that I would consider to be most important and relevant in today’s market…


You’ve probably heard a lot about bidding wars. (Hopefully, not solely in the context of losing out in one…)

I would venture to guess that the average seller does not realize the work that goes into managing multiple offers on a property. There is an art to this type of negotiation – one that, if done correctly, will yield the highest profit! This is probably the biggest drawback to not using a licensed real estate agent.

A skillful Realtor knows how to ethically secure top dollar for their clients in the negotiation process. He or she knows how to play one offer off of another, maneuver through prospective buyers’ emotions, and utilize timing to their advantage. This, ultimately, puts the most amount of money in the pockets of the seller!


A common mistake made by sellers who choose to forgo an agent is not knowing what types of updates yield a profit. The benefit of a real estate agent (well, a good one!) is that they’re able to tell you exactly how much more you can get for your home if you update your kitchen or paint the interior.

They can also help you to avoid costly mistakes such as replacing a roof that was perfectly functional or painting all of your interior walls white – neither of which will put more money in your pocket.

A real estate agent can also connect you with attorneys and mortgage representatives with whom they’ve established relationships with. These can come in handy when you need to coordinate closing dates or secure mortgage commitment from your prospective buyer. Trust me, there is nothing worse after all of your hard work than a surprise right before closing…


This one may seem pretty straight forward. In short, an agent can…

  • Front the costs of print and digital advertising for your property.
  • Post pictures on their Facebook and generate a buzz via social media.
  • Schedule open houses and broker’s opens.

That being said, good agents are plugged in and connected with the community, which maximizes your property’s exposure to prospective buyers.

The larger their network, the more likely they are able to personally market your home and expose it to a refined subset of buyers. This network of prospective buyers means the potential for more interest in your property and, ultimately, more money in your pocket!

We Do All the Work

Most importantly, employing the services of a real estate agent means that you get to kick your feet up and let someone else handle showings, inspection contingency removals, mortgage commitments, etc.

Even if your home sells within the first 24 hours, there is still a tremendous amount of paperwork and follow up needed to transact a purchase offer. Let us do this work for you!

Our Guest Blogger, Mark Siwiec, is an agent with over 28 years of experience. His team of thirteen are responsible for over $63M in annual residential real estate sales. For more information about their services visit www.marksiwiec.com.

2 thoughts on “Why You Should Use An Agent

  1. MSD on

    Using an Agent to me is like putting tires on a car to make it run! IT is a necessity! It’s all fun and games when you try to sell your home yourself …until… something happens and your standing there staring out the window, saying to yourself… How did this happen and Why didn’t I Use an Agent! Having an Agent makes me sleep better! Even with referrals! Thank you 🙂

  2. Beth Abbott on

    Agents know all of the correct questions to ask prospective buyers. The money they receive is well worth the cost, The biggest hurdle we faced recently was obtaining a mortgage for a family member. Their credit rating was exemplary (over 800) but banks today are SO INCREDIBLY PICKY. Our agent was able to connect us to a broker who not only made sure that we had the tools to meet the demands, they also kept us updated on the process so we could stay ahead in the paperwork. Without an agent this sale might not have gone through.

    Having agents help set a realistic market price is also is critical. They see hundreds of houses in the market and they know how yours compares. They can offer tips to increase your profit and can also help you when your expectations are not realistic. After taking a real estate course and realizing the complexity of the process, I decided being an agent was not for me. The thought of selling without that education seems like a recipe for disaster.