Howard Hanna Adds Corporate Positions to Strengthen Data Strategy and Innovation

Pittsburgh, PA (December 12, 2019) – In an effort to strengthen its data strategy, Howard Hanna Real Estate Services has added two corporate positions to ensure data is managed and used like a key business asset, and that it is used both effectively and efficiently.

“We are taking our market differentiators to the next level,” said President Howard W. “Hoby” Hanna, IV.  “Data strategy and innovation are key to a competitive advantage in today’s marketplace. These new positions will help us to leverage data, apply analytics, and implement new technologies, identifying areas that are ripe for enhancement.”

Effective immediately, Howard Hanna Real Estate Services has created and staffed two new positions:

  • Bryant Magnien, Director of Data Strategy
  • Mike Regan, Director of Innovation

Bryant Magnien has been named to the position of Director of Data Strategy.  He was previously the Corporate Marketing Director based in Pittsburgh, PA.  In his new position, Magnien will work out of the corporate headquarters of partner company Allen Tate Realtors in Charlotte, NC.

The data strategist role was created in an effort to transform and democratize the company’s growing repositories of data intelligence in order to improve the data management experience both for internal stakeholders and external clients.

In this role, Magnien will focus on gathering, connecting, organizing, and making accessible all of the company’s disparate data sources, in order to better leverage that information to inform critical business decisions, help to identify new insights, and improve general corporate efficiency in any part of the company’s operations where data plays a major role. While the responsibilities of the position are quite broad in seeking to establish an optimal balance between data integrity and data scope, more specific objectives for the role in 2020 include the development of a holistic data architecture map, the implementation of new methodologies for data visualization and insight gathering, and the refinement of a closed-loop lead management solution that connects top-of-funnel inbound lead generation through to final sales conversions.

Mike Regan has been named to the position of Director of Innovation. He was previously a Regional Sales Manager with HannaFinancial. Regan was previously located at HannaFinancial’s headquarters in Pittsburgh, PA, and in his new position has moved to Howard Hanna Real Estate’s Corporate headquarters, also located in Pittsburgh.

The Director of Innovation position was created to ensure that innovation across the company is guided in a holistic manner. By identifying innovative strategies, business opportunities, and new service delivery platforms, Howard Hanna will continue to foster a culture of innovation in line with our mission, brand, and core business model.

In this position, Regan will focus on analyzing existing business practices to identify opportunities for improvement. By identifying and maintaining a portfolio of innovative and exciting opportunities, the position will be able to promote a culture of cutting-edge technology at Howard Hanna. In addition, this role will support the execution of new solutions by serving as the principal liason between external third parties and the executive team. Exploring emerging industry trends, marketing disruptions, and internally generated ideas will round out a slate of opportunities for innovation and growth at Howard Hanna.

“Our growth as a company has been driven in part by our excellent people, and we’re pleased to continue that tradition with the addition of these two new roles,” said Chairman Howard W. “Hoddy” Hanna, III. “We believe that by putting the right people in the right positions to innovate and provide strategic data direction, we will be poised for continued expansion as we enter a new decade.”

About Howard Hanna:  Howard Hanna Real Estate Services is the 3rd largest real estate company in the United States, the #1 privately owned broker in the nation, and the largest home seller in Pennsylvania, Ohio, New York, and the Carolinas. The family-owned and -operated real estate company specializes in residential and commercial brokerage service, mortgage, closing and title insurance, land development, appraisal, property and casualty insurance, corporate relocation, and property management. In early 2019, Howard Hanna completed a partnership with the Allen Tate Companies, the 14th largest real estate company in the nation.  The combined company has more than 300 offices across PA, OH, NY, VA, MI, WV, MD, NC, SC and IN, with more than 11,000 sales associates and staff who are guided by a spirit of integrity in all aspects of the real estate process. For more information, visit or

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