One thought on “Hanna Presentations Sneak Preview

  1. Amazing! The inventions and education never stops with Howard Hanna, seriously! Imagine the world we “used” to live in where you had to find, search find, search, update, search…search …search. It felt more like a map for your independence rather than a gathering to make things happen for everyone. Well, NOT anymore! How amazing is this. Once the presentation is finished it saves in a .pdf form? Instant messenger it to your clients, yourself I mean the road never ends! I remember the day of using a spreadsheet, sorting and sorting and although that was truly FUN for me, NOW it is all auto-populating and offering me the BEST possible avenue in a road I can travel! COUPLED with “INTERNATIONAL LINGUISTICS” globally for all facets of multi-cultural clients to view instantly? WOW – A True Win-Win-Win for Sales Associates, Clients and well, “EVERYBODY.”. Instant information at your fingertips… well, it’s like visual driving for the mind, only no pot holes to hit! Thank you Howard Hanna for the inventions! I can’t wait for the HANNA car… Where I could literally program a program in my iphone, iwatch and/or tablet and a HANNA car picks the customer up, brings them to the open house … where I CAN wait with a smile to show them their next house! Well, maybe that is the cart before the horse… BUT… anything is possible in the future! This adventure looks like it is never-ending and it’s a ride I never want to get off! Thank you!

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