Howard Hanna Children’s Free Care Fund with Hannabot

Giving back to the community is one of the most important things we do so we made sure Hannabot made a stop at Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh last week prior to HannaCon15. Even if just for a few seconds or a few minutes these kids got to think about something else besides being in the hospital – take a look!

One thought on “Howard Hanna Children’s Free Care Fund with Hannabot

  1. First of all! HOW FRIENDLY is the Hannabot! I mean… while watching the video and personally meeting Hannabot last year at the convention. It is extremely approachable! Talk about a mile smile! You can’t help but want to truly meet Hannabot! I love seeing the children’s smiles and their absolute pureness when they meet Hannabot. Everything dis-appears instantly and there the children are with the Future of Friendliness, “Hannabot”. What a great healing addition to the Hanna Family Children’s Hospital Free Care Fund journey to help kids and help everyone, actually. Now, hmmmm, I wonder….(tap tap tap)… if, there could be a Children’s Contest on the name of Hannabot. I mean it is cute and needs a cool “nickname” right?? Hmmm, HannaHop-along-Cassidy? HannaRopBob? HannaRowBob? A robot named after the man, who started it all?? Or.. what can you come up with? Sounds like an interesting venture to me. JUST LOVE this Hanna Robot and the children, who get to meet it. “Hi – I am Hannabot won’t you nickname me?”

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