Howard Hanna: Home Happens Here.®

It all starts with the right house. That’s where we come in.

As America’s #1 family-owned real estate company, we know our markets inside and out, offering exclusive programs, personal service, and decades of experience. From discovering the perfect house, until the day you move in, we’ll be with you every step of the way.

One thought on “Howard Hanna: Home Happens Here.®

  1. ALWAYS GREAT COMMERCIALS with a “Truth Meaning”. Every time I see the mainstream commercials on TV I think… well, three categories: Why do I need it, What is being sold and Why should I invest. Howard Hanna always thinks exactly what their commercial meanings defines – there is NEVER any guessing, which honestly I CANNOT say for other commercials I see out in the world via other companies. Yes, a commercial can make you laugh but what is being sold – the comedy moment OR the product? Hanna hits on the main 3 points every time. Firstly, the need… “a sense of shelter, accomplishment, and security” Second, “what is being sold”…”a feeling of establishing, creating memories and a gathering of love with family and friends.” Thirdly, “why should I invest”… simply put: it is the best investment “bar-none” for myself and everyone; who may need shelter with me in the future ~ “creating the avenue of memories”, which is the definition of life! A REAL portfolio of life is: “knowing that I made a difference in my life and for others”. GREAT Commercial that “Lands that Airplane” of truth…in that one moment of a kids “freedom”. American Dream: Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness…THE AMERICAN WAY, period. Let us NOT forget THAT!

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