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Experience Your Dream Home in a Whole New Light

Visiting open houses is a great way to spend a weekend exploring homes in your region… but have you ever wondered what that neighborhood looks like on a summer evening? What does the after-work commute to this location feel like? Or maybe, you’re curious if the back deck gets warm, inviting evening sun. 

Take advantage of Howard Hanna’s Twilight Open Houses this summer and see these homes in a whole new light! We’re spreading our Twilight Open House event across four weekends so potential homebuyers can visit even more open houses across our 13-state footprint. You can take advantage of our Twilight Open Houses on the following weekends: 

  • May 24-25
  • June 14-15
  • July 19-20
  • August 16-17

Dates and times vary by market, so be sure to visit www.howardhanna.com/twilight to find open houses near you!

Make the Most of Your Twilight Visit
While you’re out and about for these evening open houses, take note of a few things for you to consider as you determine if this is the right home for you:

  1. How heavy is the traffic during the evening hours?
  2. Are there kids and families enjoying outdoor activities in the neighborhood?
  3. Are you nearby restaurants with outdoor seating, live music, etc.?
  4. Are there parks in the area that are open until dusk for evening summer activities?
  5. How does the evening light affect the inside of the home?

Learn more about our Twilight Open Houses or reach out to a Howard Hanna agent for more information.

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Last modified: June 29, 2023