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Howard Hanna Agent’s Good Deed and Hard Work Featured by Sparkt

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Ryan Shedlock, a Pittsburgh-based Howard Hanna real estate agent, was recently featured in a Sparkt.com article in recognition of his hard work and support of a woman who was truly struggling.

Cathy McKeever’s home had become dangerous due to roof rot, mold, and other health hazards. Roofers, donors, and Hoddy Hanna initially pledged to help her fix these issues. However, walkthroughs revealed that the damage was more severe than initially thought.

At this point, Ryan Shedlock stepped forward, determined to help. Immediately, Ryan found her an apartment to move into. And with his own money, Ryan sent dozens of storage containers to Cathy’s home. He also sent people to help her pack them. Says Ryan:

“With the help of Marty..the viewers and supporters..and Howard Hanna…we will ensure she is safe and secure. Our goal is to make Cathy feel comfortable knowing she can lean on us while she establishes a new chapter in her life.”

Click here to view the full story at Sparkt.

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