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Howard Hanna REALTOR® Discusses Real Estate Services Available During Pandemic

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John Marzullo, a Howard Hanna real estate agent working in the Pittsburgh area of Pennsylvania, recently spoke to NBC-affiliate WPXI about how essential and non-essential work requirements have affected the real estate industry.

WPXI reported that real estate is an industry in which some aspects are considered essential, while others are non-essential. But while face-to-face interactions with buyers and sellers have stopped due to the pandemic, business as a whole has not.

That’s because just about every aspect of the home buying and selling process can still be done with some creativity, according to John.

John also discussed how some real estate needs are complex and significant, going beyond selling or buying a new home:

Mortgages, closings and titles are deemed essential and can continue, but Marzullo is torn about the stay-at-home order. He talked about the real needs of many people – some have two mortgages, while others have no home at all or are stuck in the middle of a transaction.

“I think maybe there’s a balance there,” Marzullo said.

You can read the full WPXI article or watch their video report at their website.


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