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Howard Hanna Regional Manager Discusses the Positive Impact of Virtual Showings

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Mary-Ann Morehouse, Southern Tier Regional Manager with Howard Hanna Real Estate Services in Corning, NY, was recently featured in an Elmira Star-Gazette article about virtual house tours.

The article highlighted how real estate agents are finding new ways of connecting with prospective homebuyers. Additionally, these new efforts are just as effective as traditional methods of outreach.

According to Morehouse, current real estate technology has enabled real estate agents to continue building relationships with clients, which is very much at the core of their business.

“This is a pivotal time for the real estate industry,” Morehouse said. “We have had to evolve and grow. We are learning new ways of servicing our clients and customers without sacrificing quality.”

The article also provided information on the real estate industry in general, highlighting that state shutdowns in response to the COVID-19 pandemic have not affected the demand for housing. For example, in April, Howard Hanna sold 180 houses just in Morehouse’s region.

According to Morehouse, now is still a great time to buy or sell houses, thanks to people making more use of virtual home tours.

“Our website traffic is the highest it has ever been and some buyers are purchasing homes without ever stepping foot in them,” she said. “We have learned that even during a pandemic there are many people that need to buy or sell a home and we can help them.”

To read the original article about virtual house tours and the housing market, click here.

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