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Howard Hanna Vice President Discusses Post-Lockdown Demand With Pittsburgh News Station

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Kelly Hanna Riley, Vice President and Regional Manager with Howard Hanna, recently spoke about the demand for real estate with KDKA-TV, a CBS owned-and-operated television station in Pittsburgh, PA.

During the interview, Riley explained that houses are flying off the market since the coronavirus shutdown was lifted and businesses reopened. Low interest rates, low inventory, and pent-up buyers are all contributing factors to this high demand.

When looking at the numbers, Riley said their new deals are up 12.5 percent this month compared to June of 2019. She expects it to be up 24 percent by the end of the month. But what people want in a house is now changing.

“I think after the pandemic, people have really figured out they want space. Could two people be working from home and their children be learning from home?” Riley said.

To read the full article and interview with Riley, click here.

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