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7 Indoor Plants to Elevate Your Home

Plants can transform a house into a home by adding personality, vitality and a sense of tranquility. Finding the right greenery that suits your climate, style and budget can be a tedious process. We’ve highlighted seven go-to plants that consistently stand out so you can confidently pick out greenery for your home.

What makes a plant a good fit for your home?

Before you put your new-found green thumb into action, ask yourself these questions to target your flora-related goals and what type of plant fits your lifestyle.

  1. Do you want your plant to make a bold statement or something simple to add a pop of color?
  2. How much time and effort do you want to dedicate to plant care?
  3. Does your space have natural light?
  4. What size plant are you looking for?
  5. What’s the climate like in your area?

You will want to consider things like style, size, light and personal preference. Some people like to create a jungle-like atmosphere with an overflowing amount of plants, while others prefer to be intentional in the placement and presence of their selected greenery.

Not every plant is meant to be in every room; be mindful of the amount of light your plant needs and where it will thrive.

7 indoor plants to elevate your home

  1. Boxwood Shrubs
    • Boxwoods are versatile and elegant and will add dimension to your yard with minimal effort.
    • Light needs: Both full sun and partial shade
  2. Olive Shrubs
    • Olive shrubs are easy to maintain and fit well in a variety of styles.
    • Light needs: Adaptable to different lighting conditions.
  3. Snake Plants
    • Snake plants are classic, adaptable indoor plants. They are easy to maintain as they can go weeks without watering.
    • Light needs: Low light.
  4. Peace Lilies
    • Peace Lilies are communicative, providing visual cues when they need water.
    • Light needs: Moderate; indirect sunlight preferred.
  5. Ferns
    • Ferns add a lush, boho touch to any room and are perfect for hanging planters.
    • Light needs: Indirect sunlight.
  6. ZZ Plant
    • The ZZ plant is a great option for a natural air purifier.
    • Light needs: Minimal direct sunlight.
  7. Pothos
    • Pothos are low-maintenance, adaptable and versatile.
    • Light needs: Low light; avoid direct sunlight for outdoor use.
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Last modified: May 16, 2024