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Howard Hanna Children’s Free Care Fund Receives $5,000 Grant Through Westfield’s Legacy of Caring Program

Howard Hanna Children’s Free Care Fund was nominated by Howard Hanna Insurance Services to apply for a $5,000 grant from Westfield Legacy of Caring program. This mission of the Howard Hanna Children’s Free Care Fund is to assure that children never be denied the best medical care available. Each year, Westfield independent insurance agents are invited to nominate a local nonprofit for the Legacy of Caring program. The Westfield Insurance Foundation, an independent private foundation endowed by Westfield, awards the donation as an extension of the fundamental role that insurance plays every day in stabilizing families, businesses, and communities in times of uncertainty.

This year, the grant program, funded by Westfield Insurance Foundation, is focused on supporting nonprofits that are helping families and businesses stabilize and recover from the financial impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. In the last 15 months, nonprofits became increasingly important as the number of people in need increased while funding support simultaneously evaporated. Many agents participating in the Legacy of Caring program this year elected to nominate their local Feeding America foodbank, Urban League, or United Way because of the critical resources they provide to their communities.

The Howard Hanna Children’s Free Care Fund plans to direct these funds toward programs where funding was depleted in 2020 due to COVID-related expenditures and deficiencies in fundraising opportunities.

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