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Sell Your House with Howard Hanna’s Programs, Resources and Tools

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Chances are that if you’ve considered selling your house recently, you’ve also realized just how much work goes into the sale process. From cleaning and repairing the house, to listing the house, to navigating inspections and negotiations, there’s a lot to do leading up to the final closing!

If you need to sell your house, Howard Hanna Real Estate Services can help you make the process manageable and successful. Not only are our real estate agents ready and waiting to help, but we also offer home sellers extra support through our various programs, resources, and tools. Here are just some of the ways Howard Hanna can help you sell a house:

Buy Before You Sell Program

When you choose to sell with Howard Hanna, you can take advantage of our Buy Before You Sell Program. This innovative program is offered through our in-house mortgage company, Howard Hanna Mortgage Services. It applies the equity in your current home toward the down payment on your next home, allowing you to buy with peace of mind even before your current home is sold!

Find It First™

Howard Hanna’s Find It First™ listings are different from ordinary real estate listings. Through this program, the listing of your house will initially appear only on HowardHanna.com. We then show your house to people who are ready to buy right now, and who are signed up for our alerts about new listings. Eager buyers who discover your home through this program will be excited to learn more, and will be more likely to make an offer sooner rather than later!

Home Warranties

Sometimes there are unexpected costs for selling a house, particularly if a last-minute repair is needed for a major appliance or an important system. Howard Hanna is here to help you prepare for these situations by offering an HSA Home Warranty in your contract. Not only will this help you provide buyers with peace of mind, but it also gives you peace of mind, too. If something goes wrong while your house is on the market, you can continue to concentrate on selling your home instead of worrying about budgeting for repairs. Home warranties can also help prevent post-sale disputes, making it easier for you to close on your house!

Hanna Home Pros

At Howard Hanna, it’s our goal to be a one-stop shop for all your moving and home improvement needs. For home sellers, that can mean finding helpful service providers to make their sale and move go smoothly. To make finding such help easier, we recommend our Hanna Home Pros program. Our service providers have all been through a rigorous vetting process to ensure they will deliver quality services. Whether you need help painting the exterior of your home, moving and storing your personal belongings, or assistance with a number of other sale-related tasks, our Home Pros are ready to assist you!

Real Estate Agents

While the programs and resources above are all fantastic by themselves, our real estate agents are the greatest resource of all. Our real estate agents know exactly how to help you with everything from determining the best price for your house, to listing your house, to marketing to and connecting with prospective buyers, to skillfully navigating through negotiations. They can also connect you with attorneys, mortgage representatives, and more. With their knowledge and our companywide programs, you can begin working to sell your house with confidence!

Interested in learning even more about your options if you choose to sell with Howard Hanna Real Estate Services? Contact an agent near you to get started! Our agents are ready and waiting to help you navigate your local market and lead you to a successful closing date.

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