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Security Tips for New Homeowners

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of being settled in a new home. As new homeowners hurry to set up their living spaces, many end up overlooking home security in favor of more pressing issues. While major safety issues such as fire alarms and working locks are top of mind, other aspects of home security can fall by the wayside and go unattended for long periods of time.

Luckily, there are several precautions homeowners can take to make their homes safer. Here’s a list of home security tips for new homeowners:

  • Maintain your yard. Well-groomed landscaping is an important aspect of home security. By keeping your shrubbery trimmed, you can maintain a clear sightline across your property’s exterior, which can deter intruders.
  • Install outdoor lighting. A well-lit exterior can make your home look nicer while also improving your security at the same time. Lights with motion sensors can be especially helpful.
  • Update door and lock hardware. It’s always a good idea to replace your locks and make sure that all easily accessible entry points are secure when you move into a new home. This also includes evaluating window security and installing additional security measures if needed.
  • Meet your neighbors. The more friendly eyes watching out for your property, the better. By introducing yourself to your neighbors, you’ll both be more comfortable alerting each other if something appears different.
  • Consider installing an alarm system. Security systems are a great way to make your home safer, but they don’t need to be expensive to be effective. Many smart home alarms and cameras are affordable and offer high-quality protection. 
  • Check batteries in fire and carbon monoxide detectors. Another critical safety measure within your control is to protect your home from fire and carbon monoxide poisoning. Make sure your home is protected by checking your smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors regularly.

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Last modified: September 13, 2023