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Unlock 7 Secrets to Happiness as a Real Estate Agent: Complain Less, Thrive More


Your buyer is late, and you must interrupt your family time during dinner, playtime or relaxing moments to meet them. It’s disappointing that they didn’t have the courtesy to show up on time or at all. Real estate agents often find many things to complain about, and American conversations are filled with complaints. However, none of us enjoy listening to constant complainers.

Complaining behaves like a virus – if you’re exposed to it too much, you’ll likely catch it too. Perhaps you believe you have a naturally negative outlook on life or tend to see the glass as half empty, and it’s like you’re defensively pessimistic. You might think that this negativity protects you from facing the inevitable things that can go wrong.

With that in mind, I have put together seven secrets to overcoming complaints to improve your outlook as an agent, and your outlook on life.

PAUSE AND GAIN PERSPECTIVE: Step back from the situation and examine the bigger picture. Ask yourself what is genuinely upsetting you and consider its significance in the long run. Will it still matter in five minutes, five months or five years? Sometimes what seems like a waste of time may unexpectedly lead to a valuable lifelong client who engages in ongoing transactions with you. Keeping this broader perspective can help you put things into context and avoid getting overly distressed about temporary setbacks or inconveniences.

SELF-REFLECTION IS KEY: Take a moment to look within yourself. Is your complaint genuinely valid? Consider if it’s merely an irritating aspect of your job or if it signifies a more significant issue in your life that you need to confront. Examine whether you’re managing your time effectively and if there’s a lack of supportive systems in place. Are you constantly saying yes to things out of fear of losing opportunities? Analyzing these aspects can help you gain valuable insights and address the root causes behind your complaints.

ENGAGE IN THE OBSERVATION GAME: Wear a bracelet, ring or rubber band and whenever you catch yourself complaining, move it to the other wrist or another finger. The objective is to see if you can go for 30 consecutive days without switching the bracelet, rubber band or ring to a different finger or wrist. This exercise helps you become more aware of your complaints and work on reducing them.

PRIVATE VENTING: When you feel the need to talk about an issue, choose the right person to share it with privately. You can do this in person, through an email or during a phone call. However, avoid venting on social media at all costs.

LEGITIMATE CONCERNS: If you have a valid complaint about a genuine issue, please don’t hesitate to share it. However, the crucial aspect of expressing concern is how you approach the discussion – aim to make it constructive rather than critical.

FIND THE POSITIVES: Look for the positives by finding the silver lining. If you approach a complaint with positive intentions throughout the conversation, you’ll realize you can make changes. Begin by justifying the situation, like the buyer being late, and ask yourself why it happened. Then, move on to consider what you could have done differently for a better outcome. Reflect on who or what caused you to complain, whether it was your lack of time management, your anger or something else. Finally, think about how you can change the outcome of a similar situation in the future. By taking this approach, you’ll gain insights and solutions, turning complaints into opportunities for growth.

DISCOVER AN ATTITUTE OF GRATITUDE: While being a real estate agent offers a fulfilling career, we mustn’t overlook the accompanying challenges, such as time management, emotional intelligence and fierce competition that can impact our self-worth. On the brighter side, this profession also brings abundant rewards, with each day offering fresh opportunities. The flexibility of not adhering to strict work hours, the potential for unlimited income, and the pride of being a small business owner make it truly rewarding.

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Last modified: September 6, 2023