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Helen Hanna Casey Discusses Pittsburgh Region Appeal and Housing With Pittsburgh Quarterly

Helen Hanna Casey, Chief Executive Officer of Howard Hanna Real Estate Services, was recently featured in a Pittsburgh Quarterly article discussing how regional leaders think the Pittsburgh region can address its population loss, an issue caused by a combination of natural population decline and a lack of people moving to the region.

Casey’s response highlighted both areas where progress has been seen and areas where progress is needed in the region’s features, programs, and resources. She also focused on affordable housing in the region, and the possible negative impression that real estate costs may make on out-of-towners:

We’re one of the nation’s most affordable regions for homes, but Allegheny County taxes shock out-of-town buyers. When you add taxes to the average home cost, the region becomes less competitive. A $200,000 home has average taxes of $500 per month. Also, with baby boomers staying in their homes and working longer, there is a lack of available homes. Builders struggle to build in the needed price ranges because of high municipal and environmental fees. And construction of all kinds is further limited by a tremendous shortage of workers, despite great training and scholarships.

The article also features the thoughts of Bill Schenck, Co-founder and Vice Chairman of TriState Capital Bank, and Farnam Jahanian, President, Carnegie Mellon University.

To read the full article, click here.

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