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Howard Hanna CEO Discusses Success in 2021 on RISMedia New Year Panel

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Helen Hanna Casey, CEO of Howard Hanna Real Estate Services, spoke earlier this month at RISMedia’s “Real Estate’s Rocking in the New Year” virtual event. She participated on a panel titled, “New Year, New Game Plan: Broker Strategies for 2021,” which reviewed the last twelve months while looking ahead to the next twelve months.

The session kicked off with a question about how different real estate companies are approaching a new year of real estate sales, to which Casey responded confidently:

“I think we are better prepared for 2021 than we were for any year beforehand. We learned so much last year, and everyone did a fantastic job adapting and moving ahead that finished the year so much higher than we expected. For this year ahead, there’s no doubt in my mind that all of us are better prepared to meet whatever challenges face us.”

During the discussion, Casey also reflected on how using remote work tools since March 2020 has helped Howard Hanna enhance communication and openness within the company, even as interactions take place at a distance.

The group of panelists also focused heavily on discussing “value beyond transactions” – that is, the ways in which companies can support agents, as well as the ways agents and offices can support communities in a day and age when information and communication are among the most valuable resources available.

Casey further reflected on the question of value when discussing ways in which Howard Hanna supports its agents in their day-to-day work:

“We get so excited about technology tools, and yet technology isn’t what’s driving things today. It’s just an enabler to help our people do what they’re going to achieve in the end. So it helps them do that, but it isn’t key. What you offer people within your company is key.”

To read more about this panel, as well as view it online, click here.

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