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Howard Hanna REALTOR® Launches Efforts to Sew Headbands for Heroes

Howard Hanna Real Estate Services REALTOR® Dana David and her coworkers made the news recently for their work and efforts to help essential health care workers.

Dana began making special headbands for nurses, doctors, and respiratory therapists to wear at the start of April. She initially starting sewing at the request of a friend who works in healthcare.

The headbands are designed to help healthcare employees wear masks more comfortably for long periods of time. The headbands have two buttons sewed on to hold the face mask straps that go behind the ear. It’s a simple way to take pressure off mask-wearer’s ears and help professionals wear the needed masks pain-free.

“It’s so simple, something anyone can do, and we just figured a lot of people have more time on their hands and most people can sew a button,” said Dana about the headbands.

What began as a project to support a friend and local community quickly expanded into a massive project that is supporting areas throughout Western New York.

David’s neighbors, and her coworkers at Howard Hanna Real Estate Services, started to pitch in and help sew buttons on headbands. Donations of buttons and headbands began pouring in last week, and more help was needed.

Since they started sewing in the beginning of April, they’ve made more than 2,300 headbands.

“We could do thousands,” David said, adding people have been gracious enough to donate supplies. “The labor is not a problem, plenty of people have volunteered to sew.”

Currently, many people have requested headbands, from hospitals, nursing homes, pharmacies, and more. The headbands are free of charge.

You can read learn more about this project by reading the full article here. More information about making donations, where to drop them off, and how to get involved can be found on the project’s Facebook page.

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