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Howard Hanna’s CEO Discusses Real Estate Successes, Challenges, and Expectations on RealEdge Podcast

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RealEdge, a real estate-related podcast hosted by RISMedia, recently published an interview with Helen Hanna Casey, CEO of Howard Hanna Real Estate Services. Host Daniel Ramsey and Helen spent over 40 minutes discussing a number of topics related to Howard Hanna, the company’s operations, and the real estate industry overall.

As the interview began, Daniel asked about the Hanna family and how they have navigated their real estate business through multiple market cycles since the company began in 1957. Helen talked about the various real-world events that have created major market changes and what Howard Hanna has done to maintain growth and success through the decades.

Howard Hanna now operates over 370 offices and works with over 11,000 real estate agents, a result of the company’s perseverance and principles, as well as its strategic growth strategy. Partnerships and mergers that work alongside organic growth are the driving forces behind brokerage growth, noted Helen.

During the interview, Helen and Daniel also walked through projects and operations management at Howard Hanna, which included a look at how teams address less-profitable offices, as well as urban development initiatives being led by regional leaders.

Part of the discussion focused on the challenges that Howard Hanna faces generally and as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic:

“We’ve had a constant problem of diminishing inventory since 2012. That hasn’t changed. It might be worse because of COVID, but the problem is there. The problem exists that we have built product for senior citizens but we have not built product for people my age. … I think that worries us because we’re not moving the Baby Boomers out of housing to accommodate the millennials in those houses. And just building more houses for millennials won’t create a long-term effect.”

Despite the challenges, Howard Hanna’s pandemic response and investment in technological resources have set up the company as a whole for success in 2021, according to Helen. She also provides these tips for real estate success:

“Have strong banking relationships so that you always have the ability to grow. Keep your options as you decide whether growth is best for you, because there are many ways to be successful. Know your margins. And I would say, from my perspective, don’t buy everything in sight. … I think it’s very easy to buy the next shiny penny and say this is going to change the fortunes of my company, and I think you really have to make sure that it’s your shiny penny.”

This episode of the RealEdge podcast can be found at their website, and is free to listen to!

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