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5 DIY Projects to Tackle While You Stay At Home

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If you’re spending more time at home waiting out the current COVID-19 outbreak, you’ve probably spotted a few spots areas around that house that could use some TLC. If so, now may be the perfect time to take on a home improvement project! Not only will this give you something engaging to do, but your home improvement efforts could lead to a higher home value down the road.

Some projects, of course, are bigger than others. If you’re looking for things to do in a short amount of time, these six weekend projects may be just what you’re looking for. But if you’re looking for even more DIY projects to do at home, you may want to try your hand at these next:

Create a Mudroom

Mudrooms add “middle ground” between a home and the outside world. Often, they are used to store wet shoes and clothes, as well as any other gear used while outside. Don’t let the name fool you, however – mudrooms don’t have to take up an entire room! Any entry spaces or a nooks in the garage can be made into a mudroom.

The simplest ones may just have a bench and coat hooks, although you can easily expand on your setup based on your personal needs. If you spend lots of time outside, this DIY project is definitely worth your time. Don’t hesitate to search for mudroom ideas online for inspiration!

Invest in Smart Home Technology

Voice-controlled home automation devices can make a home easier to navigate and control, whether or not you’re actually inside. Keyless locks, voice- and remote-controlled lights, high-tech vacuum cleaners, and even upgraded smart TVs are all examples of modern technology you might consider installing in your home to streamline your day. You might also think about investing in voice service devices via Amazon or household management apps, which are simple to set up and use.

Do Some Landscaping

Working in your yard is an easy way to get outside while also staying at home this season. Even if you don’t have the greenest of thumbs and you’re just starting to create a garden, there are things you can do to upgrade your yard!

A great option right now is adding outdoor lounge furniture with string bulbs overhead. If you’re able to include one, a fire pit may be the perfect finishing touch. With these simple additions, you can revamp your yard and create a new space to enjoy this season safely.

Update Kitchen Cabinet Knobs

Kitchen cabinets are one of the most important factors in the functionality and appearance of a kitchen. While fully refacing kitchen cabinets can turn into a major project, you can always opt for a simpler update! Stylish knobs and pulls are an easy way to dress up your kitchen. For older cabinets that are looking particularly worn, you may also opt to repaint your cabinets.

Make A DIY Mirror Frame

Framing an unadorned mirror is an easy DIY home decor project that will help to update the look of a room. While ordering a frame online is an option, so is taking on the task yourself! Simply using glue and with slim molding strips – which you can purchase ready to use – can help you complete your DIY frame. Don’t forget to consider whether or not you want the finish on of the frame to be show the wooden grain or hide it with opaque colored – silver or gold are always classic finishes to consider.

These projects are all examples of DIY home improvement options that, while basic, can make a big difference in the appearance and value of your house. Whatever project you work on, however, don’t forget to consider your skill level and abilities. Always do simple things first, and always take the time to consider potential complications that could arise from starting a project now versus later!

Looking for more information about DIY home projects? Click here to see a roundup of additional resources from our own blog about various spring projects you can do around your home! Or, if you want information specifically about things you can do now to get ready to sell your home later, reach out to a Howard Hanna agent online! By contacting our agents now, you can start having important conversations that will help you sell your house later.

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