Coronavirus Protections for Home Sellers

As the situation develops with COVID-19, Howard Hanna is dedicated to taking steps to reduce the spread of the virus while continuing to work with home sellers.

To plan the best next steps for you, be sure to talk with your Howard Hanna agent to discuss your options in regard to concerns of COVID-19. We also recommend that you as a home seller use these tips to help keep yourself and others safe and healthy during the selling process:

Consider adjusting your open house hours and rules to best adhere to social distancing best practices. We specifically recommend only allowing showings by appointment; this ensures that only serious buyers enter your home and minimizes the amount of foot traffic from the general public in your home.

Ask your agent to pre-screen buyers before they enter your home, and to only schedule visits for those with a low risk of exposure. Additionally, consider asking buyers to be preapproved by Howard Hanna Mortgage.

Place a placard in the entry of your home requesting that any person who has recently been ill, or may have been in the company of someone who is suspected to have COVID-19, not enter your home.

Provide easy-to-access hand sanitizer throughout your home.

Leave interior doors open so that buyers who tour the home don’t have to touch the handles when entering rooms.

Wipe down surfaces following every showing of your home, and disinfect your home with proper cleaning supplies after every open house.

If you start to feel sick or learn that you have been in contact with someone suspected to have COVID-19, call your Howard Hanna agent to discuss your selling strategy moving forward.

One thought on “Coronavirus Protections for Home Sellers

  1. Erik Wagner on

    Good suggestion regarding leaving doors open. Don’t forget closet doors, access panels, jib doors, fuse panels, and other openings that a buyer may want to look into.

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