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Got a claim? Take these steps!

No matter where you are, at Howard Hanna Insurance Services, we are always here when you need us. We have a 24-hour local claim service. Best of all, we communicate with you via your preference, be it phone, fax, email, or even text, so you can receive updates on your claim as soon as we do!

If a situation arises were you need to file a claim, take these three simple steps:

Step 1: Ensure safety of all parties, including yourself.

Step 2: Call us at 412-696-0310 during business hours to discuss your claim.

Step 3: Call the insurance company to report your claim.

To file a claim outside of business hours, please call 412-224-1154. Our business hours are Monday to Friday from 8:30 AM to 5:15 PM.


Still not sure what to do? Here are some FAQs from people who’ve been there!

Why do I need to call the Account Management team instead of the insurance company directly?

We’re here to begin the claim process, to address any coverage questions you have, and to provide you with claim process expectations. Be sure to consult a professional before taking on any type of mitigation or repairs that may be unsafe.

My home or property has been damaged – now what?

Always start with general mitigation. It’s important to take the proper precautions to prevent any further damage. Next, call the Howard Hanna Insurance Account Management team, who will walk you through next steps and answer any questions you may have.

Should I protect my home or property from further damage?

Yes, once it is safe to do so, it is your responsibility to protect your property from further damage. Here’s how:

  1. Arrange for reasonable, temporary repairs; keep a list of all repairs made; when possible, take photos of the damage and any repairs made as documentation. Save all your receipts from temporary and reasonable repairs made as additional documentation.
  2. Place damaged items in a secure area where they can be inspected. If you’re unsure about an item, include it with the damaged property.

I’ve been in an auto accident – now what?

First, make sure you’re in a safe place. Alert local police, take proper personal and medical precautions, and don’t forget to exchange insurance information with the other party. Afterwards, call the Account Management team.

How do I access my client portal account and view my policy information?

As a valued client of Howard Hanna Insurance Services, you have the ability to access your policy information 24/7 with the Client Portal. To access your account, follow these simple steps:

  1. Visit howardhanna.com/insurance
  2. Click “View My Policy” & log in
  3. Questions? Call 412-696-0310

For more details about the Howard Hanna Insurance Services Client Portal, check out our blog post, Introducing Our Client Portal App: InsurLink.



Click here to access your client portal and View Your Policy.

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