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How to Make Your Open House Even Better

Open houses are a critical component of the home selling process, offering potential buyers a chance to experience the property firsthand. To make your open house stand out and attract more potential buyers, consider implementing these creative and effective strategies:

Provide Refreshments
Offering free refreshments is a great way to entice open-house attendees. Not only can you use it to make the dining room or kitchen a focal point, but it also is a non-verbal invitation to get comfortable, take a tour of the property and enjoy the atmosphere.

Create a Homey Atmosphere
Decorate the space with a happy medium of what each room looks like with furnishings and wall hangings, but toned down enough to allow visitors to imagine themselves in the home. Flowers and plants are an easy add to create to make the property feel warm and inviting.

Choose the Right Time
Timing is crucial for an open house. Avoid scheduling during holidays, major sporting events or unfavorable weather conditions. Plan your open house at least two months in advance and choose a time that is likely to attract the most visitors.

Engage and Follow Up
A great way to engage with visitors is by asking them simple questions about their home search and preferences. Be prepared to answer common questions about the property and the neighborhood. After the event, follow up with attendees to maintain interest and keep the conversation going. Pro-tip: Consider encouraging open house attendees to sign in by having non-monetary giveaways or raffles, such as housewarming gifts. This is a fun way to collect leads and begin the next stage of communicating with potential home buyers and sellers.

Utilize Visual and Sensory Appeal
Ensure that your marketing photos are visually appealing and conjure a sense of lifestyle and comfort. During the open house, play music to set a welcoming mood and consider using pleasant aromas like freshly baked cookies or cut flowers.

Leverage Technology and Social Media
Promote your open house on social media with sneak peeks, behind-the-scenes videos and live streams. This can attract a broader audience and keep your open house top of mind for potential clients. Additionally, having virtual tours available can cater to those who cannot attend in person.

Make It Interactive
If there is room for it and it is appropriate for the property, consider having interactive elements at your open house. Small things, like yard games (cornhole, ping pong or giant Jenga), help attendees envision all the ways they can use the home to fit their lifestyles.

You can enhance the appeal of your open house using some (or all) of these strategies. Help your attendees envision themselves in the home and you’ll have a memorable and effective event.

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Last modified: May 28, 2024