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Making a Homework Space in Your Home

As the summer weeks fly by and the beginning of school looms near, prepping a homework and study space for kids will help set them up for year-long success! Check out these tips to get your home ready for learning after a summer of fun.

Choose a Space

Is your child easily distracted? Do they need someplace quiet to focus on the task at hand? Consider choosing a space away from the hustle and bustle of home hubs like the kitchen or living room. Adding a desk to their bedroom will provide a quiet workspace where they can let their creative minds open to learn!

Alternatively, does your child thrive in social settings? Consider setting aside space at the kitchen island or dining room table where your little learner can study and still be part of the action. If this is the best place for your homework space, organization will be essential to keeping everyone on track and everything in its place!

Organize Your Space

Bookshelves and bins will become your best go-to for organization as kids head back to school. Keep their books and supplies arranged by separating them in easily accessible storage containers that encourage independence during learning. One fan favorite for easy, stylish organization are cube organizer shelves paired with fabric storage bins in fun, funky colors. Bonus points for letting your kids mix and match the patterns to make it their own!

Make it Fun

In the spirit of letting the kids choose, allow their creativity to run wild so they are comfortable and happy in their homework space. Help them pick out fun colors if updating the wall paint is on the table – and if that is too much DIY for you, let them choose fun photographs or art pieces to make the space their own.

Proper lighting is essential for quality learning and provides another fun addition to their space. Let your kids pick out a lamp that expresses their personality and lights their learning pathway! Animal, cartoon character, superhero and patterned lamps all add a fun and functional element to their space.

No matter what space you choose or style you go with, make sure to include your kids in the design process. Nothing will make them feel more confident in their new learning space than knowing they helped make it their own!

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