September is Realtor® Safety Month

Feeling safe and secure in a home is paramount to living a full and healthy life. As agents across the nation help to settle families into new homes to start their next chapters, it is important to pause and discuss the safety of the industry that makes these dreams come true. September is Realtor® Safety Month – a national month designated to bring awareness to and reduce the amount of safety incidents across the industry.

Although Realtors® may not don a hard hat and boots each morning, that certainly doesn’t mean they don’t face potential safety risks each day. Realtors® spend a great deal of time traveling, encounter new people all the time, and often find themselves alone in new or strange places. Here are a few safety tips to consider while excelling in real estate:

  • Try to meet new clients at an office or public space – somewhere neutral for a first meeting.
  • Share your schedule with a trusted colleague or family member, and don’t be afraid to check in with them throughout the day.
  • Be friendly with potential clients, but be guarded about your personal information. Additionally, always encourage your clients to stow away their personal information during showings or open houses.
  • Always check your cell phone battery level and cell coverage when visiting a new house or hosting an open house.
  • Speaking of cell phones – as tempting as it can be – never text and drive. Please wait until you arrive at your destination to make those important connections.
  • And be mindful of where your travels take you – pay attention to potential car troubles and impending weather in advance. Packing a safety bag with a first aid kit, water, blankets, and flashlights is always a good idea!

The National Association of Realtors® places a strong focus on safety and education. They are planning two safety-related webinars in September and keep an active list of the Top 5 Safety Action Items for Realtors® on their website – check it out here: Safety (

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