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Show Your Appreciation For This Season’s #HannaHeroes

howard hanna essential workers thank you #HannaHeroes

Right now, essential workers across the country are using their skillsets to ensure that all of us have access to the things we need most. From grocery store clerks to delivery people to healthcare workers, these individuals are all our heroes.

In acknowledgment of the fantastic individuals who are working hard and risking everything to keep us safe and provide for us during this time, Howard Hanna Real Estate Services is now launching our #HannaHeroes initiative. Together, we can show our appreciation for essential workers, volunteers, or anyone else in our lives who has done something extraordinary during this challenging time.

If there is a hero giving their all who inspires you, we invite you to join us in showcasing one of your #HannaHeroes!

How To Do It

We’re making it easy for you to show your appreciation with new interactive social media items! Right now, you can share your thanks with the following items and images:

Facebook Profile Frames

The #HannaHeroes Facebook Profile Frames let you update your profile picture on Facebook to thank your heroes. To use a Facebook Profile Frame, just follow these steps on desktop or mobile:

  1. Navigate to your Facebook Profile, then select your profile picture and click “Update.”
  2. Choose “Add Frame” and search for “#HannaHeroes” to pick your frame.
  3. Select a time frame, then select “Use as Profile Picture.”

Editable Templates

Want to do more to thank someone? These templates are yours to use as you make your own unique Thank You graphic!

howard hanna heroes frame yellow     howard hanna heroes frame green

After downloading the full-sized green frame and/or the yellow frame, you can update them in Microsoft Publisher or Canva! Just open or upload the template you want to use in the editing tool of your choice. Once that’s done, you can insert a photo of your Hanna Hero.

Note that if you’re new to Canva, these instructions can help you navigate the platform. You will want to upload the downloaded template of your choice and an image of the person you want to thank. You will also need to click on the template image and select “Bring It To The Front” to ensure the images are layered properly.

Your last step will be saving the newly created image, and ta-da! You can now share that new image across your networks.

GIF Stickers

If you enjoy using GIFs, you may also want to take advantage of our GIF stickers. These stickers are available on multiple platforms, including Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat. To find these stickers while making your post, just search for #HannaHeroes. Not sure how to do it? Our guidelines here will help you through the process!

Which Heroes Will You Highlight?

We hope that you participate in helping us highlight the heroes among us. Use the hashtag #HannaHeroes when you post, and you might just see your Hanna Hero featured on the Corporate social media pages or even in an all-company email. Most importantly, you will help our company family extend our thanks to those who inspire us most this season!

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