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Superstitions Around Your House: Friday the 13th Edition

What’s a home without a little fun? Whether you believe superstitions to be hard facts or hokey hooey – you must admit that our houses can be filled with the potential pitfalls of these beliefs. So where in the house do these occur and why do we believe them?


We’ve all been told that breaking a mirror brings seven years of bad luck…but have you ever wondered why? Turns out there are a multitude of reasons and who’s to say which one is right…but here are a few to tickle your fancy. The origin has been chalked up to:

  • The disrespect associated with breaking a mirror
  • The reflection of one’s soul within the surface and potential harm when the glass is shattered
  • That the body is renewed every seven years; therefore, that’s how long one must wait until the good luck can return

Regardless of the origin story, if the superstition makes us all a little more careful around mirrors…so be it!


Similarly, the tale of bad luck befalling anyone who walked beneath a ladder seems to have a mixed history. Here are a few of the tales:

  • They signified the power of the pyramids in ancient Egypt and walking underneath broke the sacred power
  • They were once thought to symbolize the gallows and the prediction of one’s impending doom
  • Another belief centered around religion and the union of the Holy Trinity, which could be broken by walking under the structure

Once again, who knows where it came from – but one thing is sure – ladder safety in the home is a must!

Front Porch:

Friendly feline or ferocious foe? That black cat stalking around your neighborhood could bring smiles to many and chills to a few. Three superstitions reign supreme when it comes to this fuzzy omen:

  • Many believe that black cats are witches in disguise, which can be tied to the Middle Ages when they became equated with dark magic
  • Others feel that they are just plain bad luck or even symbolize death, which became prevalent in 16th century Europe
  • The positive thinkers of the world believe that black cats are good luck! Ancient Egyptians held cats in high regard and believed that they symbolized the goddess of home, fertility, and protection from disease


One superstition that this author falls prey to every time is the omen that spilling salt will bring a person bad luck. Origins of this one have been evident throughout history:

  • It can date back to ancient times when salt was used in rituals
  • Be tied to the times when salt was very expensive and spilling it was considered a wasteful insult to the trade industry
  • And this superstition can even be found in DaVinci’s painting of the “Last Supper,” where Judas is portrayed as spilling the salt

Have no fear, though! Another part of this superstition is the remedy to bad luck headed your way. Simply throw salt with your right hand over your left shoulder to keep the bad luck off your back and behind you…but don’t forget to vacuum shortly after!

Are you looking for a new house to fill with your own origin story? Howard Hanna is always up to helping our buyers and sellers to write their next chapter – search for an agent or office today!

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Last modified: August 12, 2021