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Top Bathroom Trends in 2023, According to Designers

Driven by a desire to freshen up outdated bathrooms while improving functionality and design, the overwhelming majority of homeowners will continue with their plans to renovate their bathroom in 2023, despite inflation woes. In the market to remodel a bathroom this year? Find out what’s trending in bathroom design.

What’s new with bathroom vanities?

While white vanities and countertops have reign supreme for years now, there’s a new king in town, now, with wooden vanities quickly rising to rival white as the most popular choice for vanities.

In HOUZZ’s latest bathroom trends report, 32% of homeowners opted for white toned vanities, while 30% of those remodeling their bathroom last year selected wooden vanities. Gray is also popular with 14% of homeowners choosing the popular hue, followed by blue-colored vanities, which were selected 7% of the time.

Another growing trend with vanities is to add another one to a primary bathroom if space permits. With more homeowners opting to increase the square footage of their primary bathroom, dueling vanities are majorly trending.

Freestanding tubs

Round or square flat-bottomed tubs have been rising in popularity over the years and are now firmly planted at the top of most homeowners’ wish lists, with 58% of those renovating their bathroom opting for them. Those choosing to get rid of their oversized tub that was put in during the 80s and 90s are finding they now have extra square footage to add to the shower, vanity and storage areas.

Tile trends

Classic subway tile is still the most widely used tile in the bathroom, but one newcomer – Zellige tiles – has been giving the subway look a run for it’s money for a few years now. Zellige tiles are constructed by hand and then placed in a kiln where uneven heat distribution gives a unique look to each tile, making this tile truly one-of-a-kind.

Another popular trend that has been growing for a while and is expected to be big in 2023 is stacking tile vertically, rather than horizontally. Designers describe this as a fun, new approach to stacking subway tile.

Marble, marble and more marble

While this pretty stone is no where close to replacing porcelain in the bathroom, marble is on the rise and will be a very popular choice for shower and bathroom floors and walls and in the coming years. Statement marble is also gaining popularity and can even act as art or wallpaper.

The rise of the curbless shower

In an effort to create a more streamlined look without breaking up the flow of tile, the curbless shower is quickly gaining ground in popularity. As more and more homeowners choose to age in place, the curbless shower will prove to be both fashionable and functional.

Wet Rooms

Creating a spa-like atmosphere, wet rooms are on the rise. Typically enclosed by curbless and frameless glass shower doors, wet rooms contain both the shower and tub. These luxurious spaces create a visual separation within the bathroom, almost giving the appearance of two completely different rooms.

Bold colors and patterns

Love it or hate it, wallpaper is back again, and many homeowners and designers are embracing this (old) new trend for the bathroom. Opting for bright, colorful prints and patterns, blah is out and bold is in. Beyond wallpaper, homeowners are also getting creative when it comes to tile selection, selecting greens, blues and other vibrant hues to dress up their space.

Should you hire a pro for your bathroom remodel?

The latest data indicates that 4 out of 5 homeowners choose to hire professionals to help them renovate the bathroom of their dreams. Most homeowners hire general contractors or a bathroom remodeler. About 13% of homeowners choose to work with an interior designer.

How much does a bathroom remodel cost in 2023?

As with any project, homeowners are always curious about cost. According to Remodeling Magazine’s cost vs. value report, the latest studies show that the average spend for a midrange bathroom renovation project to be about $27,000. Return on investment is always something to think about, especially if you’re planning to sell soon, and homeowners who upgraded their bathroom can typically expect to get about 59% of that cost back when they sell.

An upscale bathroom remodel can cost homeowners upwards of $73,000, and homeowners can expect to see about 51% of that cost back when then sell their home.

As with any project, the cost range can be quite broad and will vary depending on whether or not you hire a professional or do the work yourself, the materials you use and the size of the bathroom.

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Last modified: March 23, 2023