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Use These 7 Tools To Sell Your Home Online

howard hanna helps you sell your home online

More than ever, we all rely on digital tools to help us in one way or another. From using the Internet to communicate with friends to ordering goods and necessities on apps, the uses for digital tools are very extensive. They can even help you when you need to sell a house!

If you’ve never used digital resources as part of your selling process, don’t worry. Howard Hanna currently offers a variety of online and digitally based resources that are easy to use, no matter where you are. Many of them will even allow you to work with a real estate agent remotely.

If you are looking into selling your house this season, these are some of the tools at Howard Hanna that will help you, and our agents, get the job done:

Resources for Evaluating and Listing Your Home

Agent & Office Search

Many Howard Hanna real estate agents and employees are currently working from home, ready to be contacted and to assist you with virtually selling your house. Working with a Howard Hanna agent will open doors later in the process as you work to virtually connect with buyers, too. Best of all, you can easily find them online!

Whether you are looking for an agent or office in Pennsylvania, Ohio, New York, Virginia, Michigan, West Virginia, Maryland, North Carolina, South Carolina, or Indiana, our agent search allows you to find an agent by name or location, specify a language, and seek those who specialize in a particular area.

Howard Hanna’s Website

Sometimes it really is all about the simple things in life! And a simple thing you as a seller can do is list your property online. That way prospective buyers can find their dream home right on the Howard Hanna website. Our partnerships with listing sites will further share your home across the web, wherever buyers are looking. Plus, once your listing is created, you and your agent will receive Seller Activity Reports, which show you how many times your listing has been viewed on HowardHanna.com and which features generated those views.

Want additional support for your online listing? Consider using our Find It First™ program! Listings made through this program provide additional marketing opportunities, as well as appear first on HowardHanna.com. That early exposure for your home allows you to reach highly motivated buyers who are ready to make an offer!

Home Valuation Tool

Knowing how much your home is worth is a very important part of selling. This information is what will help you price your home, as well as identify things you could do to increase your home’s value for future sale opportunities. And finding your home’s value is easier than ever! Our free home valuation tool will give you a quick understanding of your home’s value, so you can begin planning your future sale needs. With it, you’ll see up-to-date valuations based on comparable homes in your area, as well as a comparison of different estimates from well-known real estate websites.

Resources for Connecting with Buyers

Agent Outreach to Buyers

There may already be a buyer out there looking for a home just like yours – and we can help you find them! Our agents have access to tools that identify potential buyers who have expressed interest in homes like yours. Better yet, your agent can then contact prospective buyers or their own agents, helping to share information about your home with the right people.


When talking to a Howard Hanna agent throughout this process, you may hear them mention RealScout. This powerful listing tool works to match thousands of homebuyers with their dream home. That means that by working with one of our agents, you can maximize your home’s exposure as it’s shown to homebuyers looking for your home’s specific features. Best of all, this information is all easily shared digitally and from the comfort of home!

Hanna HomeFinder

Another excellent tool we offer is Hanna HomeFinder! This customized email program lets our real estate agents communicate directly with highly interested home-buying prospects, who tell us that they are looking for a home just like yours. By relying on digital communications, and letting our agents guide you through the process, you can sell your home with peace and comfort in mind. To utilize this service, just make an account at our website.

Virtual Open Houses and Showings

Most buyers begin their home search online – and now we’re making it possible for them to complete their search online, too! Our agents at Howard Hanna are able to conduct virtual open house appointments and showings. And since these virtual visits will all need to be scheduled in advance, you’ll know that when an appointment is made, it’s made by a serious buyer – not just someone browsing for the fun of it!

Ready to start selling your home? Let us help you do it! Contact an agent near you to discuss your options for selling a home in today’s market. Our virtual tools will help the process run smoothly this season. Or, if you just want to consider your options for a future sale, start your research today by finding the value of your home – online and for free!

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