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We Love Autumn, but Not Falls! Seasonal Safety Tips for Your Home

As the leaves begin to fall, we encourage homeowners across our regions to safely prepare their homes for the cold weather months. There is no shortage of tasks to be completed before the crisp air chills to blustery winter storms…so be sure to plan and stay safe while completing your autumn chores! Here are a few tips to guide you on your way:

  • Fire up the furnace – make sure to test out your heating system before the chilly nights hit to allow time for repairs before it’s a daily necessity.
  • Check out that chimney – before you light the first fire of the season, be sure to clear the chimney of debris and test for proper ventilation.
  • Batteries not included – be sure to check the batteries in all your in-home safety devices like smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors. An easy way to remember this is to check the batteries when you change the clocks in the spring and the fall!
  • De-clutter the gutter – clear out the leaves and debris that build up each year to prevent wintertime gutter woes.
  • Ladder luck – don’t rely on luck when performing your fall chores! Be sure to follow ladder safety guidelines to ensure the safety of you and those around you.
    • Secure your ladder on a stable surface
    • Always face the ladder when ascending or descending
    • Always maintain three points of contact
      • Two feet and one hand OR
      • Two hands and one foot
    • Only use ladders in good weather to prevent slips
    • Stay away from power lines
    • Use the buddy system when working high
    • Move the ladder as needed to prevent overreaching
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