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7 Things To Know and Expect Before Becoming A Real Estate Agent

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If you’re thinking about making a career change and entering the world of real estate, you’re likely wondering what you need to know to make the leap a success. A career in real estate is a great option for many people, and there are even signs to help you decide if it’s the right fit for you.

Just as important as knowing how to become a real estate agent, however, is knowing what to expect after you obtain your real estate agent license. With expectations and goals in hand, you’ll be able to make the transition into a new, unique line of work!

To help you understand what to expect from a career in real estate, we’ve put together a list of important things everyone should know before they begin working with Howard Hanna Real Estate Services:

There’s a Lot to Learn, But Training Is Available

At Howard Hanna, we help to make every phase of your real estate career successful, as well as offer assistance to help you reach that “next level” of professional achievement. We do this through a wide range of resources, such as in-office and regional workshops, webinars, and training programs that are available to all real estate agents. From tool-specific training to broader support for your continuing education, we’ll help you learn exactly what you need to know at every point in your career.

Your Earning Potential Is Unlimited

One reason people consider a career in real estate is that their income isn’t limited to an hourly or salary-based pay scale. Instead, real estate agents receive an income largely dictated by the time they invest in their clients and sales. That means your earning potential at Howard Hanna is essentially unlimited!

Real Estate Isn’t a Standard Sales Job

“Hard sales” aren’t the goal when you work in real estate. That’s because agents work to help people who are trying to sell or buy a home. You’re there to assist people as they prepare to make a major decision and investment. So be prepared to work as a guide and a mentor first, and a salesperson second.

You’ll Set Your Schedule and Manage Your Time

Real estate agents are in a unique position because they don’t fit into the average 9-to-5 work hours. Instead, real estate agents set a daily work schedule that works for them and their clients. Agents are also very busy and need to set aside time specifically to handle everything from lead generation to client communication to administrative work. So before starting to work in real estate, you need to be aware of how essential time management is to being productive and successful.

You’ll Have a Team to Help You Succeed

Worried about starting a new career and business alone? Don’t be! When you work with our Howard Hanna offices and brokerages, you’re surrounding yourself with team members who are there to help everyone in the Howard Hanna family succeed. Not only will experienced team members help you navigate your initial transactions, but regular meetings will ensure that you have a chance to connect with your team and ask the questions you need answers to.

Being Unique Will Help You Succeed

As you begin to grow your business, you’ll want to do something that makes you stand out in your local real estate market. After all, attracting new clients will be critical to your long-term success. To attract new clients, you’ll need to stand out from other local real estate agents. This will be a long-term branding goal, and is something you can come back to as you learn what your strengths and greatest areas of knowledge are.

Real Estate Is Rewarding

Often, careers in real estate are highlighted for the potential income and flexible hours. While these are certainly part of the job, perhaps the most important thing to know about real estate is that it’s extremely rewarding. It’s an exciting and challenging world, where the work you do will have a direct impact on the lives of the people you work with. It will be hard work, but the results are worth it – especially when you hand someone the keys to the next step in their life!

Could a career in real estate with Howard Hanna be right for you? You can find out by taking our quick assessment! Please allow yourself 10 minutes or less to complete the assessment. You can also learn more about working at Howard Hanna at our website!

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