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7 Ways to Lift Your Mood (Without Leaving Home!)

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COVID-19 has created changes and challenges for us all this season, and has likely affected your mood and daily functions alike. Fortunately, despite the many adjustments we’ve all made so far, there are still things you can do to help yourself, your friends and family, and those who live in your own community.

If you haven’t yet, try some of these at-home tips to lift the spirits of yourself and your friends, family, and neighbors:

  1. Redecorate a room in your home. While redecorating might feel like a low priority, it’s actually a beneficial project to take on right now. The rooms in our homes influence how we feel every day. Clutter makes us anxious, colors impact how we feel, and certain items or arrangements may even bring old memories – good and bad – to mind. That’s why now is the time to consider redecorating a room or two that don’t inspire your best mood, and to do something with the space that will lift your spirits.
  2. Decorate for your favorite season or holiday. While spring decorations are beautiful, there’s nothing wrong with bringing out items that represent your favorite non-seasonal holidays right now. For example, Christmas decorations in windows will light up your home and look beautiful to anyone passing by. Things like this will help you think about things you enjoy. And who knows – you might even be able to persuade your neighbors to join you in the fun and have a decorating contest!
  3. Get yourself outside. Staying indoors all day long is linked to anxiety and insomnia – two things that will not do you any favors right now. Even if you’re under a stay-at-home order, you are allowed outside for exercise specifically because it’s necessary. Whether you choose to lounge on your porch, work in your garden, or go for a stroll, getting outside will help your body and mind alike. Just be sure to respect social distancing guidelines out there!
  4. Schedule virtual fun with family and friends. While our normal hangouts look a little different right now, they don’t all have to be canceled outright. Game nights can be coordinated online. Happy hours can be enjoyed via digital videos and chatrooms. And movie nights can be coordinated and synchronized over long distance. So go ahead and make those plans – you’ll feel great after spending time with your loved ones!
  5. Offer to help elderly neighbors. Although necessary, social isolation can be lonely, as well as make it difficult or unsafe to get groceries and other necessities. Senior citizens in particular are likely to struggle with these two factors. Keep this in mind and do your part to help community members who may need extra connection or assistance. A phone call or run to the store could be the highlight of someone’s day.
  6. Share heart-warming social media content. We’re spending a lot of time on our phones and computers right now, so we may as well find fun things to share! Funny memes and images, adorable pet videos and rescue stories, good news, and similar things will brighten the day of your friends, family, and community members.
  7. Make a schedule and stick to it. Finally, do yourself a favor and set a schedule and routine. While allowing time to rest and recharge is important, you won’t be happy with yourself if you miss deadlines or overlook things that are important to you personally. Setting a regular routine and strict schedule will help motivate you to make regular progress on the things you need to do. Plus, not only does a routine help you make regular progress on your To Do list – it also offers health benefits and will help you feel your best!

These tips and actions can go a long way in helping you maintain connection and engage with activities and work this season, while also adhering to health and safety guidelines. You can also do even more to support your neighbors by using these additional tips from our team.

We hope these ideas make a difference in your home, and wish you health and happiness in the coming weeks!

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