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How Howard Hanna Celebrates Our Most Successful Real Estate Agents

howard hanna real estate agents celebrate success at hannacon

A career in real estate with Howard Hanna offers limitless opportunities and numerous benefits. Commonly known real estate agent job benefits include potentially unlimited income, the ability to set your own schedule, and to be your own boss. At Howard Hanna, we offer professional benefits, too!

We offer resources and training to help every agent work their way to the top. Not only that – we offer special perks to help our most successful real estate agents celebrate their hard work.

From special events to elite memberships, we celebrate success in a number of ways. These are just some of the real estate agent benefits and rewards available when you join our family:

Our Convention

Our biennial convention, HannaCon, is a major event focused on inspiring and educating agents. Real estate is an ever-evolving industry, where knowledge about the latest technology trends and digital innovations is key. Our convention provides agents with a great space to network, learn about these topics, and share ideas with each other about their line of work. We bring in internationally known keynote speakers, provide breakout sessions with top agents at the company, explore new marketing technology with our vendor partners, and more. At the end of HannaCon, we know agents will return to work inspired!

Our Awards Events

We hold regional awards events to recognize and celebrate our top agents and top offices every year, as well as recognize outstanding achievements among our real estate agents. While the actual award categories differ slightly from region to region, we consistently use these events as a chance to highlight the top producers for sales, listings, and quality service. From fundraising and donations to relocation and business development, there are numerous examples of hard work at Howard Hanna, and our events let us celebrate them all!

Our Hannamobile Program

One of the most helpful tools for a real estate agent is their car. Not only are vehicles often essential to reach appointments, but they can also be used as a marketing tool, advertising that an agent works with Howard Hanna wherever they go. In qualifying markets, the Hannamobile program provides funding for a Howard Hanna branded car in the form of a monthly “Hannamobile Allowance.” Agents who qualify for this program then receive payments for driving a branded car!

Our Travel Opportunities

We believe rest and relaxation are just as important for success as hard work. That’s why we provide agents with access to annual incentive trips. Destinations for these luxury adventures include Hawaii, Paris, Rome, Las Vegas, Miami, and more! Not only are these trips fun, but they also offer an opportunity for agents from different offices to connect – making it even easier for agents to share their knowledge with each other, support each other, and continue to succeed after the trip.

Our Champions Club

Howard Hanna’s Champions Club was created specifically to honor and celebrate our top company sales associates! This appointment is limited to those agents with written sales of $2 million or more, or those with listings that total $3.3 million or more. This annual recognition is a major milestone celebrated by our hardworking agents.

These are just some of the benefits of being a real estate agent with Howard Hanna. While there are plenty of other things to know about becoming a real estate agent, these benefits are always ready and waiting for any agent to claim them!

Are you interested in taking advantage of Howard Hanna’s resources and real estate benefits? The next step is to find out if a career in real estate with Howard Hanna might be right for you! You can find out by taking our quick assessment. Please allow yourself 10 minutes or less to complete the assessment. You can also learn more about working at Howard Hanna at our website!

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