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How to Choose a Real Estate Brokerage to Work With

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So you’ve decided to become a real estate agent – now what do you do? After passing state requirements and a licensing exam, you will need to begin the process of choosing a real estate brokerage to work with. Real estate agents are required to work under the direction of a licensed broker, so this decision is an essential part of setting up your operations and business.

This decision requires time and thought alike, because the brokerage you choose can make a major difference in your work and lifestyle. That means it’s up to you to evaluate your options, to consider how a brokerage will influence your day-to-day tasks, and to select a community that will support you as you take steps to make your real estate business succeed.

What to Consider as a Real Estate Agent

If you’ve never evaluated a brokerage before, you may find yourself initially focusing on how much commission you’ll need to share with one broker versus another. While it’s worth keeping this percentage in mind, it’s arguably not the most important thing to consider. Instead, you’ll really want to focus on the following:

Your Expenses.

Before comparing brokerages, always know where you’re starting from. That means identifying your income needs based on personal expenses and your projected business expenses as a new real estate agent. Having this baseline number will help you make an educated decision that sets you up for success right from the start!

The Broker’s Support Services.

Many professional services are made available to agents through brokers, each designed to help agents succeed in today’s market. Give these services careful consideration, because they may be things that you really need to get started in the industry!

Worried about the costs at a particular brokerage? Depending on the influence these services have on leads and your workflow, they may pay for themselves – and may be a good reason to accept a slightly higher commission split.

At Howard Hanna, examples of support services being offered to our agents include the following:

  • Real Estate Marketing Tools. Our marketing tools help to make you as an agent more knowledgeable, influential, and valuable in your area. This extra support helps to bring more buyers and sellers in need of real estate services to you. Plus, our unique tools are provided at no cost to our sales associates. From newspapers to magazines to television to digital, we provide marketing and advertising that meets the needs of all consumers and sales associates.
  • Technology for Real Estate Agents. Our advanced technology is constantly being improved, ensuring that we’re providing innovative consumer-specific tools for your use, from our Showing Solutions to our Mortgage Calculator. We also provide constant access to helpful presentations, eCards, and other promotional and educational materials.
  • Real Estate Staff. Howard Hanna sales associates enjoy the benefit of full-time support staff to handle their clerical and technical needs.

The Broker’s Referrals.

It’s acceptable, and encouraged, to ask real estate brokers how you’ll receive leads and prospects. An established broker will have projections for phone leads, website leads, and so forth. These estimates can then be used to help you make educated expectations for your own potential income with the brokerage. In the case of Howard Hanna, we operate a specific program called Hanna Leads, as well as help to drive leads through programs such as Buyside, Hanna Match, and more!

The Broker’s Mentoring and Training Options.

If you’re new to the real estate industry, mentoring and training are helpful benefits as you learn to navigate contracts, successfully negotiate, and carry out day-to-day procedures in your market area. You’ll want to keep these needs in mind so that you can properly evaluate your options as you compare different brokerages. A good match in training opportunities is invaluable!

At Howard Hanna, we offer opportunities for improvement through a variety of avenues, many of which focus on learning new software and programs. Meanwhile, our weekly sales meetings keep sales associates up-to-date on all relevant company and industry-related information, as well as provide significant information on current housing inventory and activity, new business concepts, and idea sharing. With these opportunities and more, Howard Hanna aims to ensure that our teams are constantly evolving and growing along with the industry.

The Broker’s Branding and Presence.

Different brokerages carry different levels of influence that may elevate your efforts in certain markets. Howard Hanna, for example, is the 3rd largest home seller in the U.S.A., ranked by transaction sides as of 2018. We are also ranked #1 in New York, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. That means when you work with us, you’re likely to receive boosts in business based on the presence of the brand under your name.

You’re Ready to Select Your Real Estate Broker

These factors highlight just why your commission split isn’t the only number worth considering. In fact, a smaller split may cost you more if you don’t consider the full picture of your operations! By considering the full picture, you’ll be able to choose the best brokerage to begin your career as a real estate professional.

During your selection process, be sure to consider Howard Hanna as one of your brokerage options! Unique to the core, the personality of our green and gold brand continues to be one of an independent brokerage with deep community roots. We support our team with numerous services, as well as the ability to provide mortgage, title, insurance, and closing services under one roof. With our support, we know you can succeed. We look forward to working with you and providing even more innovative ways to serve you and your customers!

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