Improve Your Yard With These 5 Lawn Care Projects

As we continue to spend the majority of our time indoors, you may be running out of indoor housework and projects to keep yourself busy. The solution? Choose a home improvement project that focuses on your yard.

While yard work can sound boring and mundane, it doesn’t have to be. Yard maintenance goes beyond basic lawn care, and can actually help you get some exercise as you shelter at home. Not bad for something that will ultimately help improve your property’s curb appeal!

Not sure where to start? Start making the most of your home’s outdoor areas with these ideas for your yard:

Trim Your Trees

The grass in your yard isn’t the only thing that needs to be cut. Any trees on your property should also be maintained through the removal of uneven branches and dead limbs.

A tree lopper or pruning shear should get the job done if you’re doing some basic tree trimming. To get the best results, you should also read up on these home and garden tips. But most importantly, if your trees require more than simple upkeep, it’s OK to schedule expert assistance in the future!

Shape Your Shrubs

Any shrubs and hedges on your property will also need some TLC to continue looking their healthiest. Early-spring-flowering shrubs need to be pruned right after they bloom, so now is the time to take care of this project! In addition to trimming long and overgrown sections of your greenery, dying leaves, stems, and blooms should also be removed.

Remove Your Weeds

If any plants are growing where you don’t want them to, it’s time to remove them through weeding. In addition to removing them by hand, you can also use products that specifically target these pesky plants. Avoid harmful herbicides and opt for eco-friendly, non-toxic products. These will be kinder to your grass and soil, not to mention wildlife and the Earth overall!

Plant Fresh Grass Seed

As the green grass returns to your lawn this spring, you should check your yard for patches that are thinning or that have gone entirely bare. Then, you should reseed these spots with the same type of seed currently growing throughout your lawn.

If you don’t know what to plant, you can always take a sample of your lawn to a garden supply shop at a future date, as the shop staff can help you find the seed you need. Then, follow the directions on the seed package to help your lawn stay as green and full as possible.

Update Existing Or Add New Lawn Accents

Once the trees and grass have been cared for, it’s time to spruce up your yard with accents! Clusters of seasonal flowers are beautiful to look at, and will give you a chance to put your gardening skills to the test. Flower gardens or patio areas can also be decorated with clay figurines or potted plants with vibrant pre-purchased blooms, which can make a big difference while your newly sown seeds work on sprouting.

These simple projects are all great ways to stay home while enjoying time outside this season. Not only will these activities keep you busy – but they’ll also ensure that your home looks its best! So get ready to head outside and enjoy the fruits of your labor right at home.

Looking for additional ideas to improve your home’s curb appeal? This Howard Hanna blog post has even more ideas about things you can do to make the exterior parts of your property shine. If you’re interested in projects specifically to help you sell your home, you can also reach out to a Howard Hanna real estate agent online and start having important conversations to prepare for your future sale.

4 thoughts on “Improve Your Yard With These 5 Lawn Care Projects

  1. I’m glad you talked about trimming trees as an important part of lawn care. When I moved into the house I recently purchased, I was surprised to see a fully cared-for lawn come with the package, probably left by the previous owner. This lawn came with all sorts of arrangements like brushes and trees, and it’d be a shame if I left it unkempt, so I’ll take your advice and have a tree trimming service maintain the trees for me while I take care of the rest.

  2. Thanks so much for sharing your ideas. We just recently moved to our new house and were thinking how we can decorate our yard with greenery and not only so that it will bring pleasure to us and everyone around. I think that your advice will be just what we need. I’ve always liked well-kept gardens and parks, and now there is such an opportunity to do it yourself. I really hope that everything will turn out well for us, since I have never done gardening before, and it turns out to be so interesting. Thanks for writing this article, I think it will be a great start for many newbies.

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